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Stupid things you have cried about during pregnancy. Please share and make me feel less silly!

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Fakebook Thu 18-Apr-13 13:20:23

I have just had a great big sob after watching the semi final of the Great British Bake off. Big tears and gasping for breath. Then half way through I started laughing at the stupidity of it all but the tears kept running. I'm not an overly emotional person. I get hormonal just before my period and normally get angry over things, not tearful. I can't believe I just cried over a baking programme! Never experienced this before in any of my other two pregnancies!

trulymadlydeeply Sun 21-Apr-13 17:19:56

Hard as nails for the first two, but had to be sent home from school when 7 months pregnant with DC3 after there was a kids pushing each other incident in the lunch queue when I was on duty! blush
The head rang to see if I was OK. Very embarrassed ...

peanutMD Sun 21-Apr-13 18:55:53

I cried in the middle of Poundstretcher when i was pregnant with DC1 because i saw baby vests and felt sorry for people who had no choice but to buy them from there.

i don't look down on anyone for where they shop and half of my sons stuff was second hand so i have no idea where this came from, my mum was roaring with laughter!

beth27123 Tue 23-Apr-13 15:59:38

I found myself crying just now at the fact there was only tuna for my pasta salad not chicken, cue total hysterics until I realised it tasted much better with tuna.
Cried yesterday at a dead snail imagining how its family must feel (even though they don't have families!).

toni1bump Tue 23-Apr-13 18:46:44

Lmfao!!! Oh god.. I cried at a few of these stories, i will admit!! Emotional wreck atm, havent yet seen Up.. But now i kinda want to 8)!

Some of these are hillarious!!!!

Haylebop12 Tue 23-Apr-13 18:52:10

I'm 15 weeks with dc2 and cried on Sunday because dh told me the chicken I was going to cook was out of date. I had to take myself upstairs and hide under the quilt to calm down blush

RPosieB Tue 23-Apr-13 20:07:28

I cried at Walker, Texas Ranger. Seriously.

thepartysover Tue 23-Apr-13 20:18:27

I was flicking through channels the other day and happened upon the last 5 minutes of the karate kid... 3.5 minutes in and I was sobbing into my nightie. It wasn't even the original.

realnappiesmum Tue 23-Apr-13 20:37:16

Think it was Deadly 60 I was watching with DS whilst pregnant with DD. They were showing how vultures fly by paragliding alongside a hand reared vulture in Africa. The scenery was stunning and vulture was amazing! I think he was called Kevin or Kenneth! I was in tears!

standrin123 Thu 24-Apr-14 11:26:48

Im 33 weeks tomorrow and last night my loving (would do anything for me) partner politely asked me if i could pause my download on sky + for 5min while he just watched the end of his film in the bedroom as it was interfering with the wi fi. I politely said yes n cancelled it then when he left i sat sobbing about how nothing is my own anymore and he pays the sky bill n i cant watch wat i want anymore because i dnt have a job and pay for anything lol

I also did big snotty sobs on his shoulder a few nights ago because lucy beale died on eastenders i was absolutely distraut slavvering and everything in between sobs! Get a grip woman its a soap opera n i dnt even like lucy beale anyway lol

firsttimermum Wed 11-Jun-14 14:10:34

Lmao... I just cried because my boyfriend asked me if I coukd wash a bowl for myself, I completely broke down and screeched then laughed at how crazy I was. Then cried again reading these posts of you all crying sad hahaha this is crazy

Dazedconfused Wed 11-Jun-14 14:49:45

I cried inconsolably watching kickass 2 the other be fair it was at a sad part but it took me the rest of the film to recover

RAFWife12 Wed 11-Jun-14 15:14:23

I cried the other day because the dog lost a ball at the park. We had a bucket full of them at home and I always take 2 with me, but that didn't matter in the moment!

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