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heavy bleed at 14 weeks

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moanymandy Thu 18-Apr-13 12:59:46

hi. just looking to of load really! just got off the phone to gp and it has really annoyed me!

on Tuesday I had quite a heavy bleed was quit traumatic my pants were soaked through and my trousers were wet to my knees sad
went to hospital to early pregnancy unit heard heartbeat and had scan and vaginal examination all okay and couldn't see any obvious reason why I was bleeding.
the bright red 'fresh' blood stopped and had darker brownish blood until last night I had some more red fresh blood but not to the extent of before so waited until this morning to call my midwife to discuss.
She wasn't there so the receptionist suggested the gp call me.

so gp calls and I explain the above. she told me there isn't much to do other than relax. (which I am trying but with 2.5 yr ds not easy!) and said that as scan showed baby was okay she couldn't suggest anything as 'you can't keep having scans everyday' and told me I need to call the early pregnancy unit if any further concerns.

now I understand that I may well be being overly worried but who wouldn't be?! for the past 48hours I have been so scared that I'm going to loose my baby and I felt like I was being told off for wasting her time sad

she probably sees this sort of thing quite often and can see that there isn't much to worry about and she did say that after 15 weeks 95% of pregnancies are 'normal' and continue to full term.
All I wanted was some reassurance and after replaying the phone call in my head I feel quite annoyed about it!
sorry its long just wanted to rant and ds really isn't that interested grin

WentOnABearHunt Thu 18-Apr-13 13:02:38

I think early pregnancy care (on the whole) is quite poor and doesnt meet the emotional needs of many women. I just want to say big hugs and I hope you are feeling better and everything is okay xx

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