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actual pain when baby is moving...

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ditsydoll Wed 17-Apr-13 15:08:41

So I know it's normal to feel in comfortable when baby is moving around towards the end but I'm about 35 weeks a d it actually hurts sometimes when baby moves.
Is this normal? I'm only 5ft 1, Dd was 8lb 5 oz so wasn't a little baby so I'm expecting the same this time round but don't remember feeling pain when she moved!
Anyone else?

ditsydoll Wed 17-Apr-13 15:09:11

Uncomfortable* sorry

Bunnychan Wed 17-Apr-13 17:12:09

Yes! I will be 35 weeks tomorrow and sometimes the baby feels like its going to break through my skin. Mostly I feel jabs and squirms but sometimes limbs stretch me so far out the hurt and are freakishly visible x

ditsydoll Wed 17-Apr-13 17:45:15

That sounds the same. I sometimes wonder how much stretching I can take! Iv even had broken veins and a few bruises around my belly button. I'm seeing my mw tomorrow so will hopefullyjust get some reassurance that the pains are normal

weeblueberry Wed 17-Apr-13 17:49:49

I'm now 37 weeks and in the last fortnight or so the baby has moved headdown and is starting to engage. Since this happened (and her feet are clearly 'pointing up'!) the kicks she gives me in the ribs are actually pretty painful and take my breath away. I do think it's more often than not the shock of the movement - you pre-empt external movements and tense in anticipation of them but with internal kicks you can't really do that so I think (mine anyway) seem worse than they actually are.

ditsydoll Wed 17-Apr-13 19:22:21

The pains aren't really kicks, don't get me wrong he/she does give me some really good blows to the ribs but the painful movements tend to be when baby sticks his/her bum up in the hair or really stretches out.

wedontplaywithelectrics Wed 17-Apr-13 20:13:19

Could they be Braxton Hicks? My tummy sometimes gets painful and hard in certain spots (I'm 36 weeks/second baby)It feels like baby is pushing out /poking bum in the air but I suspect it's actually a Braxton Hick.....? Anyone else get this too??

mrsmalcolmreynolds Wed 17-Apr-13 20:22:12

Hi. I think this is probably normal, esp if you are quite small. I'm not small (5'8"!) but 33 wks with Dc2 who is a boy (and was on 75th percentile at 20wk scan) and it is definitely starting to verge on pain sometimes when he sticks what I think is either bum and/or feet up and to the side. It makes the bump look quite alarming too! Ask your MW but if it's linked to movements and goes away at other times I strongly suspect it's not a cause for concern.

ditsydoll Wed 17-Apr-13 20:23:17

It's more of a pressure in one place than a general tightening. It's like baby's foot might actually push through lol. It's sounds weird and I can't really explain it. I think baby's pushing for some more space that I haven't got! My bumps pretty small so baby's probably a little squashed.

mrsmalcolmreynolds Wed 17-Apr-13 20:25:23

...and PS I don't remember it being this extreme with DD either, despite her being 8lb10 when born at 39+1. General aches and pains have definitely been more pronounced this time so perhaps it is just another manifestation of that?

ditsydoll Wed 17-Apr-13 20:27:22

Yeah I think your probably right mrsmalcom smile

MyNameIsAnAnagram Thu 18-Apr-13 09:56:29

yes! sometimes the baby turns and it's agony, feels like it's going to break right through the skin! I don't remember this from last time, but this time I am measuring small (32wks at my 35wk appointment) but baby is predicted to be same size as DS - 8lb7, and I am only 5ft2 and skinny so there just isn't much room. As mrsmalcom says, I am generally a lot more achy this time round as well.

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