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Painful awful veins ouch!

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misslavery Tue 16-Apr-13 21:56:49

I wonder is there anything more that can been done; apart from support stockings, to give me a bit of relief from the large swollen thick matted purple growth of veins on my ankle? They are so painful, my lower leg constantly feels hot and as if I've been hit by an iron bar! I do suffer from varicose veins but this looks and feels different. It started in my first pregnancy around 7-8 months and now for my 2nd they've arrived nice and early- 4 months. Never quite went away in between, just calmed down and hid under the surface. Now I have more starting to come up around the edge of my foot. Help! What can I do... The doctor gave me an emollient cream (crap) and no-one seems to take it seriously. I now can't put any pressure on that area, what am I gonna be like a few more months down the line?

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