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Your post pregnancy banquet?

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LittleMonster100 Tue 16-Apr-13 14:27:10

Am craving all banned foods so much, I've composed my pst pregnancy banquet:

Pâté with crusty bread for starters

Sushi lots and lots of raw sashimi and shellfish for mains with champagne

A whippy ice cream for desert as my midwife told me to avoid soft ice cream van ice crea, in pregnancy. With a flake and sprinkles.

Anyone care to add there's?

PirateShit Tue 16-Apr-13 14:32:44

My ds is a Christmas baby, and the first proper meal I ate after labour was a Christmas dinner, lovingly cooked and delivered to us at one by my mum. It was bloody delicious!!

RuckAndRoll Tue 16-Apr-13 14:37:19

So far I have dippy eggs and soldiers yes I know a lot of people say runny eggs are safe if red lion stamped

I have a friend lined up to come over when baby arrives and make it for me as DH is useless if it doesn't involve a take away menu and a phone.

LittleMonster100 Tue 16-Apr-13 14:38:23

Oooh I want runny eggs now!

RuckAndRoll Tue 16-Apr-13 14:43:25

They have to be just right though, just runny with nicely buttered toast soldiers like my Mum used to make as a treat at the weekend!

FoofFighter Tue 16-Apr-13 14:51:20

Lion stamped eggs are from chickens that are vaccinated so they will not have salmonella.
Sushi is fine.
Shellfish is fine cooked.

Check the NHS guidelines out. All the info is there for you.

DreamingOfTheMaldives Tue 16-Apr-13 15:28:56

Mine will be picnic in the living room of chicken liver and brandy pate (from Patchwork Company) and a big piece of brie (a particular one from Waitrose as it is amazing!) with chunks of crusty bread and a glass or two of port.

I am planning on buying a full block of the pate a couple of weeks before due date so that it will be in the freezer ready for chunks to be hacked off it and scoffed (once defrosted obviously). We sometimes struggle to get the chicken liver and brandy one so I am getting prepared well in advance!

YouDontWinFriendsWithSalad Tue 16-Apr-13 15:50:51

What's wrong with sushi??

The only thing I'm avoiding this time round is pate, I live somewhere where nothing is 'forbidden' other than packaged salad leaves!

dinkystinky Tue 16-Apr-13 15:52:58

All I really want after birth appears to be cheese on toast - massively craved it after DS1 and DS2's births. Will be interesting to see if its the same this time round. I had visions of gorging on blue cheese, pate and champers - but my body just didnt want to go there.

Sushi is fine to eat now - avoid the tuna and make sure the fish was frozen.

iklboo Tue 16-Apr-13 16:09:47

My parents brought me a custard tart. It didn't touch the sides.

AndFanjoWasHisNameO Tue 16-Apr-13 16:18:34

Gin grin
Specifically the new Gordon's cucumber gin and tonic with loads of ice........

purrpurr Tue 16-Apr-13 16:25:20

Pate, oh so many different types of pate
Crusty bread
All accompanied by non-banned things, like smoked salmon, cream cheese, chorizo, a good mixed salad and dressing, coleslaw.

MolotovCocktail Tue 16-Apr-13 16:25:37

I lived on smoked salmon and brie salads for weeks after dd2's birth last April. I know smoked salmon isn't strictly forbidden, but I never ate it during pregnancy. It never tasted so good!!

2margarinesonthego Tue 16-Apr-13 16:28:37

Cold champagne - a whole bottle to myself if poss :D
(My dad's) pate and goats cheese with crusty bread

Fairydogmother Tue 16-Apr-13 16:30:05

You can eat smoked salmon whilst pregnant! And things with mayo in them as long as its not got raw egg!

I just want a proper med rare steak and a runny egg lol

afrikat Tue 16-Apr-13 16:31:20

Hendricks and tonic with cucumber
Red wine

My banquet will be mostly liquid!

YouDontWinFriendsWithSalad Tue 16-Apr-13 16:32:56

There are quite a lot of misconceptions surrounding what is 'allowed' in pregnancy. Of course, you should just do whatever you feel is right for you, but I found this an interesting read:

purrpurr Tue 16-Apr-13 16:33:16

I've been living on smoked salmon during my pregnancy Molotov, bellydweller demands it! Mmmm...

RJM17 Tue 16-Apr-13 16:42:53

I have mine all planned out!!

Starter - pâté with crusty bread
Main - chorizo, salami and cheese again with crusty bread
Desert - mr whippy ice cream

With a bottle of kopperberg thrown in smile

Oh I really can't wait x

MolotovCocktail Tue 16-Apr-13 17:14:38

I never ate smoke salmon because I read it wasn't advised in some countries It's fine in the UK, but I couldn't get the 'carries a small risk of listeria' out of my head. I know I was being very overcautious, though smile

purr love the 'bellydweller' tag!

purrpurr Tue 16-Apr-13 17:18:15

Molotov so do I and I only just came up with it at 37+2! Booooo.

Yeah, the whole 'carries a small risk of...' thing attached to so many different areas of pregnancy, labour and the first few months has really changed my perspective on things. Recently there was a thread running where someone claimed that manufacturers douse baby clothing in formaldehyde prior to releasing garments to retailers. This claim was roundly debunked and practically laughed off the site but it planted a seed of doubt in my head. I've since washed dd-to-be's clothing, erm, twice. Just to be sure.

MinkyWinky Tue 16-Apr-13 17:26:08

Pate - lots of different types (fish & meat)
Rare steak
A very large glass of wine (it seems to taste weird at the moment, so I'm hoping my taste buds return to what they weresmile)

janey1234 Tue 16-Apr-13 17:33:48

At least a dozen oysters, with shallot vinegar, and chilled marlborough sauvignon blanc served by the bottle please.

Repeatedlydoingthetwist Tue 16-Apr-13 17:35:37

I just want a can of Red Bull. That's all I miss! confused

snickersnacker Tue 16-Apr-13 17:47:08

Crusty baguette, preferably still warm from the oven, thickly spread with butter and pâté, accompanied by an enormous gin and tonic.

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