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how do you get rid of nausea?

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Fmshields Tue 16-Apr-13 13:45:28

I am 13 weeks with DC1 and feeling so yucky. Not throwing up, just feeling bleugh. I've tried ginger biscuits, crackers, fruit, toast, and loads more, but it's not helping. I thought it would go away soon, but it's worse now than before. Any ideas? Thanks!

Pootles2010 Tue 16-Apr-13 13:47:00

Nowt worked for me, sorry, but it does go, eventually! I liked s&v walkers crisps, but thats just me i think!

If it makes you feel any better I ended up thinner after having ds because i ate so little during pregnancy, which is a nice bonus!

JennaRainbow Tue 16-Apr-13 13:52:28

The only thing that seems to work is sparkling water which settles my tummy enough to have something to eat. Sugar snaps and watermelon seem to work!

thepartysover Tue 16-Apr-13 15:17:34

Both the things that work for me have already been mentioned - salt & vinegar crisps and fizzy water. I think just getting something in your tummy is the main thing and the fizzy water seems to help you feel full enough to eat something (if that makes sense).

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 16-Apr-13 15:30:37

I ate constantly... Wasn't great for my waistline but it helped the nausea. And my drinks either had to be really hot or really cold. Luke warm drinks and food made it so much worse. I found I couldn't eat as soon as I woke up so a chocolate milkshake (with ice in) first thing seemed to bring my sugar levels up enough to make me feel well enough to eat. Deep breaths when the nausea peaks and fresh air seemed to help. Avoiding any strong smells helped too! If i couldnt avoid a smell, I put drops of lemon essential oil on a scrap of fabric to give a clean inoffensive scent to sniff! Hope it passes soon, I feel ur pain!!

willoughboobs Tue 16-Apr-13 15:36:30

The doctor advised me and my friend to take piriton 4 times a day, i didn't need to as my sickness went away but my friend swears by it.

Missfrumpsalot Tue 16-Apr-13 15:39:41

Lemon sherberts- work absolute wonders for me. I'm now 14+3 and its an intermittant sickness. Warm drinks are awful and anything with cinnamon or garlic sets it straight off again.

Agree on S&V crisps too but I think thats just because I like them (too much for my own good)

TTC1Madness Tue 16-Apr-13 15:57:54

I'm finding that I'm eating constantly, but I have tried all the remedies and feeling A TINY bit! Eating a rich tea biscuit and or a jam sandwich when I wake up, fruit and orange juice as soon as I get into work, bland sandwiches such as cheese and tomato, crisps, for dinner just bland stuff like fish finger sandwich, veg burgers and my main staple CHIPS! V Carby at the moment but hoping tri 2 I can go back to vegetables and healthy eating! Husband has just ordered a Chinese ... Can feel my self getting fatter and fatter!

crazyhead Tue 16-Apr-13 16:25:05

Sleeping as much as possible, ranting at OH, distraction, eating something very first thing in the morning.

I am in the same situation at 11-12 weeks, so boring isn't it?

Agree re S&V crisps.

cupcake78 Tue 16-Apr-13 16:28:53

You don't you learn to cope with it. Sorry but its pointless giving you false hope. I've had 4 pregnancies all of which have involved horrific nausea and sickness. Even any sickness drugs don't take the nausea away.

Get plenty of rest, eat what you can when you can, little and often. I found healthy food made me feel less ill if i could stomach it. Try wrist bands they can ease it for some. Fresh air and small exercise each day.

TripTheLightFanjotastic Tue 16-Apr-13 16:40:45

Sorry, you have to wait it out. I had very bad sickness with DS1 (sick 5 - 10 times a day) Dr put me on phenegan and I still felt sick. But, with DS2, managed not to be sick by constantly eating, even while feeling sick, I'd force myself to eat slices of toast and butter. Screw the waistline, do what you can to get through. Good luck!

MammaCici Tue 16-Apr-13 18:05:46

I agree, you find ways of coping but it never goes away until your body decides it's time. I found eating small amounts of bland food frequently took the edge off. But I felt like I had the worst hangover ever for 4-5 months with both of my (healthy) pregnancies. I found comfort in the fact that the worse you feel the better your chances of it being a healthy pregnancy. When I had miscarriages I didn't have bad nausea. I'm 37+ weeks now and the nausea is back along with heartburn. I think the only real cure is giving birth! Good luck! It's very worthwhile in the end!

Fmshields Tue 16-Apr-13 18:59:06

Thanks everyone! I am currently tucking into some salt and vinegar crisps and they are helping a bit!! And remembering that it means that baby is healthy is helpful too!

SeriousStuff Tue 16-Apr-13 22:59:48

I had non-stop nausea, day and night for 6 weeks. Finally went away 2 weeks ago.

The thing I found helped the most was eating, so try and eat little and often.

It will pass, I promise!

Twinklestarstwinklestars Wed 17-Apr-13 04:06:11

Iced water helped me.

Cheffie100 Wed 17-Apr-13 05:47:59

Travel sickness bands definitely took the edge off it for me

Bunnylion Wed 17-Apr-13 08:30:33

Plenty if sleep and not letting your stomach go empty.

If its really bad then your doctor will prescribe anti nausea lozenges - they 100% cured my nausea and vomiting so don't just think you have to suffer it, ask your doctor for help.

Teaandflapjacks Wed 17-Apr-13 11:19:00

In germany (where I live) they tell you to take a strong b6 supplement - ask a pharmacist about it - does help a lot of people. Didn't really help me - i threw up every day until roughly week 16, now its about 4 times a week - i can tell from how bad my headache gets when I will be likely to throw up. I found all meat products a big no go. I found S&V pringles a life saver - removes that awful metal taste I got which mints/,mouthwash/brushing couldn't shift. I found sweets good - things like jelly beans to munch on occasionally. I also got through a silly amount of satsumas.

Drink - a lot. I get through easily 4 litres a day. I found plain water awful - made it worse - very cold really weak ribena was very good, second the sparkling water trick - also try with things like lime cordial. I found small amounts of sugar regularly helped. DONT drink diet drinks BTW - aspartame , among it's many other sins, can really irritate a nauseous tum, just have full sugar, and using a straw for some bizarre reason helped me.

best if luck!

Teaandflapjacks Wed 17-Apr-13 11:20:52

p.s. finally bucking the trend dairy, like full fat milk and special K, really helped. I get through a lot of milk! makes me much less nauseous - so I guess trial and error confused

emmalouise14 Wed 17-Apr-13 13:58:47

I feel the same! i'm only 5 weeks, i feel sick all the time, and i've had diarrhoea pretty much constantly the last few days. it's really getting me down sad xx

Monka Fri 19-Apr-13 21:25:58

I agree with lemon sherbets as mrsfrumpsaslot mentioned and cherry drops and tangfantastics.

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