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Healthy diet when pregnant

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lisbapalea Mon 15-Apr-13 10:53:48

Hi all,
Have just found out I am pg with #2 and am now on a mission not to balloon if at all possible, and to try and be healthier than I was when I was pregnant with DD, when I think I gained over 2stone for a 7lb baby (yes, I know there's some water in there, but really I was just being very greedy!)!

I reckon I am about 2stone overweight already so really want to do all I can to minimise weight gain this time around but obviously I don't want to do anything silly so won't be cutting out major food groups or going on slimfast etc.

Am I right thinking that you don't actually need extra cals when pg, so I should stick to 2000 a day? I am guessing the 'dieting' recommended daily cals of 1800 are not advised when pregnant? I was on Myfitnesspal last year so might try that again to make sure I am within reasonable limits.

I am planning to ditch the junk (have found too many excuses to dig into crisps, biscuits and/or chocolate recently so need to re-learn some good habits). I will also make sure my dog walks are a bit longer and more invigorating than they sometimes, lazily, are. I was also thinking of starting cycling again.

I know that loads of women are fit and active all the way through pregnancies, but I think I have also heard that you shouldn't do anything too different from what you're used to. So bearing in mind I am a fat lazy blob, how radical can I go with this new healthy lifetsyle?!

Sorry this is so long.

whiterose2011 Mon 15-Apr-13 11:43:27

Hi! Congrats on your pregnancy. I am using my fitness pal as I'm worried about over eating and ballooning! I'm having between 1800-2000 calories per day which is plenty for me. What I've noticed though is that my eating patterns have changed. I'm now eating little and often rather than having 3 main meals each day.

I guess only you know what works for you. I am not very good at self control at times and can eat for England so feel comfortable knowing I'm getting enough, but not too much. I'm also trying really hard to eat healthy, wholesome food as well! Easier said than done some days!!! wink

lisbapalea Mon 15-Apr-13 11:50:56

Thanks whiterose - I have just logged back into mfp after a long break! I have now set my daily food target as 2000cals and have put in my breakfast and planned dinner for today as well as a couple of snacks and it leaves me LOADS for lunch! I don't think I will reach the full 2000 every day if I stick to leaving out junk. PLus my dog walk gives a bonus of 250 cals too.

It really does show how easily you can stock up on cals with biscuits, cakes and wine wines.

Hopefully the act of actually paying attention to what I eat I should help me make some decent changes! Mind you, this is day one and I am not known for my willpower when it comes to food....

HazleNutt Mon 15-Apr-13 12:15:37

You might not need 2000 kcal, that depends on your metabolic rate and how active you are.

You are correct, you don't need to eat more - baby only needs an extra 300 kcal in the 3rd trimester. Considering that a lot of women are less active when pregnant, you might even need to eat less when pregnant, not more.

As you said yourself, you're not planing to do any crazy diets, there's certainly nothing wrong with simply keeping an eye on your eating and weight gain.

True, it's not recommended to start anything radically different, but that usually concerns taking up some new intensive fitness classes etc. Just cutting out junk and replacing it with healthy foods and walking a bit longer certainly won't do any harm.

Mummysaysno Mon 15-Apr-13 12:30:50

All sound advice...I would agree...eating three healthy meals a day, not too big, not too small, and remembering snacks inbetween (that are planned at home).

And to make it manageable I would suggest you have a night like Friday night etc when you can have a much loved otherwise it could seem totally depressing!

And the dog walking is great...regular, exercise. I understand the rule during pregnancy to be if you can't talk while doing the exercise you need to slow down, and not to start a different fitness regime to what you had before, so dog walking sounds very sensible!

Hope it works out!!grin

Monka Mon 15-Apr-13 17:48:44

Try adding more fruit and veg to your meals to fill up. So if you're making cottage pie add in extra veg. I never ate 2000 calories before I got pregnant and I was a runner. I completed the Great North Run two months before I got pregnant so was pretty fit and ate lots of carbs but never 2000 calories worth. This is my first pregnancy and I am constantly hungry now at 23 weeks but can't eat huge meals so eat little and often. I find stir-frys good as I can heat up leftovers as and when I am hungry. I fill up with bananas and whole milk and yogurts and mini baby-bels. I add chopped avocado to my salads as I try and make sure everything I eat has the most nutrients I can give to my little one. I have never had a problem putting on weight before which is why I ran but since becoming pregnant my stomach fills up more quickly so I try and fill it with nutritious healthy food. I am no health freak, as my pre-pregnancy diet was shocking, although I cook from scratch (my only redeeming feature) I ate lots of sweets and chocolate as I am a sugar addict pre-pregnancy.

Monka Mon 15-Apr-13 17:52:12

Also I had to give up the running when I was 5 weeks pregnant and was losing weight due to nausea. I haven't restarted it and don't intend to until after. Will take up walking during my lunch hour at some later point. At the moment am suffering from low blood pressure - dizziness, lightheaded ness and nearly blacking out, once while I was driving! Walking is good low impact and you can have less injuries or problems from it!

whiterose2011 Mon 15-Apr-13 19:42:01

Def agree with eating more fruit and veg. It's amazing how much you can actually eat when it's good food.....a couple of big chocolate bars is almost a whole main meal!! I'm def going to start walking more. I'd planned to walk home this evening but it was pouring down so maybe tomorrow!!! Xx

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