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39 weeks and fed up!

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Katie4realzzz Sun 14-Apr-13 23:00:45

Please help me! I'm so uncomfortable and fed up of waiting any more. Please could anyone share what they think is the best ways to bring on labour?

I've tried raspberry leaf tea but I find the taste too revolting to drink any more! I've also been walking a lot which just resulted in clicky, aching hips sad I'm also having sex and constantly on my exercise ball.

Is there anything else that you swear by? I've bought a pineapple to eat tomorrow too!

Bullymason Mon 15-Apr-13 11:56:20

I'm 39 +4 and fed up too. Just want my baby here now.

I've been having hot curries, pineapple, tried sex. I really think she will come when she comes.

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