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Can I still claim tax credits while on mat leave

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lexxy32 Sun 14-Apr-13 22:47:37

My SMP is due to end 15th July 2013, I have just found out I am pregnant again still early days, my mat leave is not due to end til 15th Oct 2013 and I worked out I am due about 5th December, if I didn't return to work when my SMP runs out can I still claim trax credits, I know I will be £500 per month down but If I can still get tax credits I can survive, and than my second baby is due 3 weeks after mat leave ends, will I get a second lot of SMP or will I have to claim MA XXX

Becky2406 Mon 15-Apr-13 11:25:59

The best thing to do is ring the tax credits I'm 16 weeks pregnant and talked to them the other day but I'm in a different situation. I work 24 hours and due in September. I found out as I have a contract I'm in their eyes still working so my tax credits won't be affected ! This is baby number 4 eecckk smile I hope u get the answers your looking for xx good luck with your pregnancy xx

carrielou2007 Mon 15-Apr-13 12:57:14

You will only get SMP if you are working within the qualifying weeks (I'd it 15-25 though prob wrong just rings a bell with me). I don't know about tax credits as I though they are only if you are working? Bring on mat leave for the first 39 weeks is classed same as working but j think after then for the unpaid bit you aren't able to claim tax credits I think then it is whatever for when you are not working - sorry no idea if that us job seekers/income support as never applied to me so I honestly don't know.

Are you a single parent or not? Obs if you have a husband/partner your household income drops during your next mat leave so as long as they work I think it's 24 hours and your j cond then below the cutoff you would still get tax credits.

Hope that makes sense!!

Mutley77 Mon 15-Apr-13 13:24:33

I don't think you would qualify for SMP or MA if you haven't been working during your pregnancy. Both of these are contributory benefits as far as I know, which means you have to pay in in order to get out.

Jsa1980 Mon 15-Apr-13 14:53:44

I thought if you we're claiming SMP you were still classed as employed by tax credits people and by your work. Not sure about rolling claims though, I think you would have to go back in the interim to qualify for a second lot of SMP.

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