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First time mum needing HELP!!!

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choccybickie Sun 14-May-06 17:33:31

Hi this is my first pregnancy. It was unplanned and took me by surprise and i'm wondering if its normal to worry about absolutely everything?! I havent had an appointment with my midwife yet as i'm only just 10 weeks and everything I read seems to have me convinced that i will have a missed miscarriage, i'm even dreaming that when i go for a scan there will be no heartbeat! I have had a lot of nausea and dizzyness but that seems to have calmed down? What does this mean?? Any advice??

TicTac Sun 14-May-06 17:50:02

Hi Choccybickie - don't worry, you are totally normal! I did plan my pregnancy but lived in fear of MC or name it, I worried about it. But I am mum to a beautiful 4 month old baby girl who is 100% healthy!

Good luck babes!

olivo Sun 14-May-06 17:59:06

hi! I know how you feel about worrying - my pg was planned but I havent stopped worrying since i saw the line on the stick - and still 15 weeks to go till b-day and even once my lo arrives, I'm sure i'll still worry about everything. mumsnet has been great with lots of people happy to reassure on little things - i'm not sure i would have got this far in one piece without it.

you are normal to be anxious but good luck x

SoupDragon Sun 14-May-06 18:10:21

You won't stop worrying for years!

PanicPants Sun 14-May-06 18:24:17

Soupdragons right, this is only the start of the worrying.
When's your scan?

I'm sure it'll be fine.

choccybickie Tue 16-May-06 19:08:13

Got my scan tomorrow so fingers crossed! Thanks so much for reassuring me! I'l be a wreck until its scan time!!! xx

TicTac Tue 16-May-06 22:58:59

Choccy, after teh scan you will find another reason to worry about your little one. And then when he/ she gets here all safe and sound you will worry if you are feeding them right, and then you'll worry that your routine is ok and then you'll worry about lack of sleep..

My baby is 16 weeks and I still creep into her nursery and check she is breathing several times!! She sleeps through for about 10 to 12 hours a night but I still feel the need to check on her!

YummyMummy87 Tue 16-May-06 23:29:01

Message deleted

bigbaubleeyes Wed 17-May-06 00:30:34

Yepp I worried a lot too, but what I realised like with many things (though none as important as your little one inside) that all you can do is minimise the risks in life - make informed choices and at times learn to trust your own feelings etc.

All the best take care.

jellyjelly Wed 17-May-06 07:54:47

my son is 3 aND i still check he is breathing and ok at least a couple of times before i go to sleep.

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