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Is it another miscarriage?:(

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PrincessRubyx Sun 14-Apr-13 11:16:29

Hi ladies, this is my first time on here so hope I'm doing it right! after mine and my partners sadenning miscarriage in december, we have decided to try again. I had my first period march 13th, so we counted down the days till we could TTC! I was due on on april 9th/10th but never did, I felt so pregnant, just like last time, I know my body very well! But here's where it gets confusing, on thursday(11th april) I took a test which came back faint positive, and we were both so happy yay , then the next day randomly at 3pm, I began to bleed I just assumed it was a period, but its so much different. My body seems to have now discovered morning sickness as I spent yesterday with my head over the toilet, my boobs hurt and my cervix is shut closed! The bleeding keeps stopping and starting, nothing painful, but keep getting pregnancy cramps which seems totally unrelated to the bleeding! before 24 hours, the bleeding stopped all day but returned a bit over night, and again has stopped! what could it be, strange period, implantation or the pregnancy causing a bleed somewhere? any advice would be super helpful, im so confused! thankyou ladies x

TheNewShmoo Sun 14-Apr-13 13:59:06

How unsettling. Have you tested again to see if you're still pregnant? Fingers crossed for you.

Shellywelly1973 Sun 14-Apr-13 16:48:34

I think you need to see your GP/EPU.

Good luck.

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