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Really missing the booze this week!

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LouiseD29 Sat 13-Apr-13 22:08:12

Just want a moan really. Am 23 weeks, and have quite happily (more or less) quit the booze so far, but have REALLY been missing it this week.

Had a tiny glass of red on Monday, but I can't stop craving it! A large glass of chilled Sancerre, a gin and tonic with ice, rum and coke, a Pinot noir, ooooh, it would be so nice! Just been sitting at dinner drinking a sparkling water while my husband and father in law enjoyed a cold pint... gaaaah!!!!!!

harverina Sat 13-Apr-13 23:30:53

Is it the taste you miss?

I used to enjoy a bottle of alcohol free beer when pregnant with dd. it makes a nice "shandy" too!

The thought of drinking makes me want to vomit right now!!

LouiseD29 Sun 14-Apr-13 00:31:22

Thanks for your reply! I think it's the whole experience. I must sound like a dreadful lush. I really haven't been bothered until now, but perhaps it was just because I was out with drinking people a few times this week and felt left out. I've had a few Becks Blue, but just not quite the same!

mamabrownbear Sun 14-Apr-13 08:13:56

I'm now 36 weeks and have been treating myself to a small glass of wine at weekends in the third trimester. I didn't fancy wine at all during the first and second but as research doesn't indicate that a small amount does harm then I will treat myself as and when. It's a personal choice, I don't do it every weekend or every night and never more than 1 glass but I'd rather have a real glass of wine than feel I was being deprived. Becks blue is lovely, try not to think of it as an alcohol substitute but as a different drink all together. There is also a great alcohol free wine company online called Alcohol free. We got some amazing wine from them at Christmas. The fizzy stuff was so good it didn't miss the alcohol and then reds were fine, just don't think of it as wine but as a non-alcoholic drink. They aren't that bad. Supermarket alcohol free wines are pretty rank.

Kelly1814 Sun 14-Apr-13 08:21:40

LouiseD29 i am exactly the same! i had heard of women going completely off wine/booze when pregnant, i am not one of them.

i have really, really missed wine, not just the drink/taste but the social element - see my previous post on 'is my life over' !!

I'm heading into my fifth week and had a glass of wine last night in a bar with my husband. it was absolutely delicious, i savoured every sip, and i made it last about 3 hours!

i may well get flamed for this, but i am happy with my choice.

Sluggers Sun 14-Apr-13 08:52:02

This is a timely thread for me & I'm interested in others thoughts on this. I've been completely avoiding alcohol up until now, I'm 14 weeks and was literally just thinking last night that I could actually have one rather than abstaining completely as I do really miss a glass of wine or a G&T on a Friday night for example.

Friends of mine said they gave up completely because one wouldn't be enough but I do genuinely think that one small glass on occasion would satisfy my feeling like I'm missing something.

Kelly1814 Sun 14-Apr-13 09:06:04

sorry i meant to say i am 15 weeks - not 5...

fatandlumpy Sun 14-Apr-13 09:30:30

I have a friend who's a medical consultant... her (new/recent) partner is French. She confided in me that she's really p*ssed off, as during her first 2 pregnancies (with ex H) she avoided booze completely, but with her third (last year - with Frenchie!) she was having a small glass of red every couple of days (with food) as she spent a lot of her second and third Tri's in France.

... as I said... she's was a bit p*ssed off.

No clinician will ever give you the green light to go boozing... as we call handle alcohol differently. You know how much you can drink before you can 'feel' it. Me, personally, couldn't stomach it in first Tri, second tri (am now 24 weeks) I just have the odd sip of whatever boyf is drinking and sometimes I have a small tumbler of beer (less than 1/4 of a pint). Last night I had a bottle of low (less than 0.5%) alcohol beer.

I miss the taste and not the sensation...

RugBugs Sun 14-Apr-13 16:02:12

I'm just back from Brussels and it was like a form of torture. One place had 2000 beers, but only one of them was alcohol free, I felt like sobbing reading the menus.
It really didn't help that they tend to eat raw cheeses with their beer [cry]

I did find some really nice alcohol free beers, hoegaarden and hoegaarden rose now come in 0% alcohol versions and taste exactly the same, I just need to get ocado to stock them!

fatandlumpy Sun 14-Apr-13 18:14:55

0% alcohol Hoegaarden.... GIMMIE!!!

katatonic Sun 14-Apr-13 18:37:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Queazy Sun 14-Apr-13 18:37:29

I'm 21 weeks and craving red wine! Fed up with work and stressed, and think I might start on the 'one a week' drink from 28 weeks. Roll on a glass of Pinot noir. If its just the one glass, I'm buying something I really like...! smile

clattypatty Sun 14-Apr-13 18:48:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

katatonic Sun 14-Apr-13 19:05:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crazyhead Sun 14-Apr-13 19:08:02

Last pregnancy I missed wine like hell and had the odd glass - maybe a small glass every week or two. This pg (11 or 12 weeks now) I feel like absolute crap and could no way stomach booze at the moment. This may change - I hope the feeling like crap changes, anyhow!

I seem to be the only person on Mumsnet to be like this or admit to it, but among my social group, most of my friends drink more than the very odd glass. I'm not talking loads more, but I am talking a pretty regular glass of wine. I haven't done this, but it doesn't make it any easier when it seems to be the norm among the people I know.

clattypatty Sun 14-Apr-13 19:22:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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