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2nd pregnancy and Morning Sickness

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Katzia85 Sat 13-Apr-13 12:52:15

I am pregnant with 2nd child and I have had really stron morning sickness and nausea all day and night. For one day this lifted and I thought great this is the end of MS. Alas no it's back again with a vengeance! Can anyone explain that sudden change or experienced that sort of hope for it to be flattened immediately haha.

I am also showing a lot quicker and I am not yet twelve weeks? Is this normal in a second pregnancy?

Thanks in advance xxx

stickermadkid Sat 13-Apr-13 13:14:32

Not sure about the morning sickness as am still stick every morning and am 37 weeks.

But with regards to showing sooner yes it is normal. I showed much sooner in this pregnancy than my 1st.

Good Luck!

CareerGirl01 Sat 13-Apr-13 17:26:07

My morning sickness started earlier and has been far worse this pregnancy. Which is why this is going to be my last one if I can help it.

MrsMargoLeadbetter Sat 13-Apr-13 17:57:40

I had 4 months of feeling sick (not being sick) this time, none last time.

There is a school of thought that sickness can be related to a girl. That is true for me (well according to the scans), no sickness with son. But not sure if that is scientfically proven!

Feel for you. It is horrible. Even worse if you are actually being sick. For some it seems to clear up by 20 weeks, but some seem to suffer the whole pregnancy like the poster above.

I showed earlier too.

Queenofknickers Sat 13-Apr-13 18:15:37

I feel for you - I was terribly sick with with my second (hospital drip etc) but not so much at all with my first (both boys but they look very different). I was told each pregnancy is different etc. my mum wasn't even sick once with me. Hope it settles soon .

Queenofknickers Sat 13-Apr-13 18:16:33

Oh yes I was in maternity trousers by 12 weeks as well!

Pontouf Sun 14-Apr-13 08:02:34

Yep, I was in maternity clothes by 12 weeks this time and I was at least 20 weeks last time. I had horrendous MS with my DS - was nauseus the whole time I was awake and sick several times a day till 20 weeks. With my current pregnancy (40+8!) the sickness has been much less severe - I've been sick most days but not had the nausea really. However the sickness has gone on much longer. Was still being sick most mornings at 32 weeks. I am not very good at pregnancy.

cuckooplusone Sun 14-Apr-13 08:15:58


I am the other way round, sick last preg, not this one. I find it worrying, as I worry that without strong symptoms maybe 12 wk scan will show nothing much there!

I am also much bigger than last time at this stage (10 weeks)

Katzia85 Tue 02-Jul-13 22:49:54

Thanks all, sorry I took so long to reply, I forgot my log in details.

I am glad that I am not the only one getting bigger second time round quicker.

So I am 20 weeks and I haven't had sickness for about a week whoooooo let's hope that's it now!!!

On that note, it has definitely put me off a third pregnancy - I genuinely couldn't cope with this sickness again!!! Xxx

ALittleBitOfMagic Tue 02-Jul-13 22:51:19

I didn't have morning sickness with first, but with dc2 had it til about half way through

Hope you feel better smile and congratulations on your pg smile

Katzia85 Tue 02-Jul-13 22:52:22

Thanks. grin

freerangechickens Tue 02-Jul-13 22:57:30

I didn't have morning sickness with either, so can't help there, but I can tell you that with DS (9 lbs) I didn't have to go into maternity clothes until about 20 weeks, and then with DD (7 lbs) I was in them by 9 weeks. But if it makes you feel any better, it only took me 5 days to be back in my "normal" clothes after I had DD, and it took much longer with DS.

imissredwine Wed 03-Jul-13 07:46:22

Ah Katzia,

I could have written this. Number 2 on board, much more nausea and inability to eat... also feeling bloody huge by 12 weeks, am just about to move into maternity clothes (18/40)...

My sympathies.

imissredwine Wed 03-Jul-13 07:47:29

And congratulations on the pregnancy! (Obviously... sorry for ot adding it on the previuos messgage)

Katzia85 Wed 03-Jul-13 16:24:07

Phew glad I am not the only one reaching small whale status early :D

MrsDibble Wed 03-Jul-13 16:55:45

My second pregnancy and am 6 -7 weeks. Feeling really sick this time (I'm sure more than at the same stage with first daughter) and also think I am showing already. That might be in my head but there is definitely something of a bump! My mind keeps jumping to the idea of twins for some reason!

SandraClegane Wed 03-Jul-13 16:56:36

Similar here, with DS1 I felt nauseous all day but wasn't actually sick, and it stopped pretty much at 12/13w. With DS2 I was horribly sick, at times I couldn't even stomach water, and at 14w my GP prescribed me some anti-nausea drugs which helped a bit. This time I have all day nausea again but no being sick, similar to my first pregnancy, but sadly the nausea still lingers on now at 13w (was hoping it would leave 'on time'!). Just goes to show every pregnancy is different and it might be easier again next time, if you decide to go for a 3rd.
Oh yeah. With my first I started showing at maybe 20w, with my second at around 12w, this time I had to dig out the maternity jeans at 8w blush.

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