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3rd pregnancy and not enjoying it

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TwoTearsInABucket Fri 12-Apr-13 20:43:55

This is just a moan really. I am 9 weeks with DC3, i have had quite bad morning sickness since 4 weeks but not severe, i just feel sicky all day, every day and retch a lot and have on average one vomit a day.

This was planned although once it happened (very quickly) OH and I were both a bit shell shocked. He sometimes thinks i am hamming things up so I can lie on the sofa, especially as I don't cope with being ill very well.

We haven't told the other DCs yet, and I am a bit worried about their reaction. DS won't be that happy as he doesn't like babies because they cry. He either studies them or rolls around on the floor crying himself. DD will either be really happy or really cross! They are 5 and 3.

I told my parents and they weren't exactly overjoyed. They are worried because of the problems I had with the other two births, nothing out of the ordinary but they weren't a breeze. i know they are worried but they didn't even say congratulations.

By my parents reaction so far, this is not the particularly welcome news that the other two were and I feel a bit fed up. I should be grateful for being able to get pregnant so easily but I just feel worried and sick.

Thanks for listening.

holidaysdistantmemory Fri 12-Apr-13 20:48:43

I am pregnant also with dc3 and dc4 - twins! Serves me right for trying for a third. My dh and dp's reaction has been awful and totally unsupportive, dc1 (4) is incredibly excited, dc2 (2) doesn't have a clue. Know how you feel, everyone's reaction was great with the first 2, and have had to go through this one alone, didn't even tell my dh when felt first movements etc. However everyone is slowly coming around, little choice really. Not helped by being shattered looking after elder 2 plus work plus rough with babies. Feel for you, and good luck! X

TwoTearsInABucket Fri 12-Apr-13 21:05:46

Congratulations holiday, how many weeks are you now? it must be sad not to share the movements. That was the best bit for me.

OH is a bit supportive but he just keeps mentioning the housework, although he has been doing it.

I am slightly apprehensive that this pregnancy might be twins, I have no idea why.

BlueSkySoftSand Fri 12-Apr-13 21:37:57

I'm on DC3 pregnancy and have struggled with this one a lot more. More nausea at the start, carrying really low, low iron levels, 2 active DC to look after and DH having to give a lot of focus to his job (all legitimate!) so having to do most of the house stuff myself. Feel I don't get the time to enjoy this one as much as I did with the other 2 - or rather others be interested in it with me. I guess life is just a lot busier now.

Not long to go for me now and making sure I treasure these last few weeks (the good, the bad and the aching back and pelvis!)

Perhaps as you become more visibly pregnant it may be better for you - more support/excitement, etc.

Definitely though friends/family/randomers are not as "Ooooh, congratulations!" and more like "Number 3, oh right. You're going to have your hands full". Oh feck off!!!

holidaysdistantmemory Fri 12-Apr-13 21:53:42

Hi Tears, Am 21 weeks, and personally quite excited about it all despite the opposition and, like Blue said, the negative comments. Possibly because I lost a baby last year so know what the alternative is. And relief that this will be my last pregnancy so won't have to go through the tiredness/nausea foulness again. How many weeks are you?

workingonitagain Sun 14-Apr-13 11:18:10

hi op this is would by my 3rd dc although 4th pregnancy too holidaysdistantmemory as had mmc in dec and i am too very sic as i was in the last 3 but hardly ever actually being sick i felt the times when i was sick it was far more relieving after than the constant feeling sick.
im only 9 weeks so far had 2 scans already as nervous due to previous loss. i think im still at a stage where im more nervous about things than to allow myself to feel fed up with things although i do get very cross with dh as he is being so insensitive about my sickness. yesterday for example he had a moan that he can't cook his favourite meal for 7 month as it just makes me feel sooo sick. that just made me feel so angry with him and feel that men just have no clue about how we feel and just think we are constantly greatful and happy to be able to carry a baby and so should just not moan angry
anyway hope all your pregnancies go quickly and uneventlfuly x

TwoTearsInABucket Thu 18-Apr-13 10:46:12

Thanks for your replies, much appreciated. I am sorry to hear about your mmcs holiday and working - i really should not be moaning.
Things are a bit better now, I have found that very regular eating helps me not to actually throw up. Although healthy food makes me want to heave.
My parents are being nicer about it now, I think it was just worry. OH is cooking more meals and being a bit nicer, but he really has to try hard at it [shocked]. He may be going to the middle east to work for a few months while I am pregnant, which is a bit of a stress.
I have had my booking in appointment now, which has made me feel more positive and will be booking my first scan next week, so it is something to look forward to. And then i can actually tell the other DCs!
Agreed working - quick and uneventful is a good idea for all of us!

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