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37 weeks feeling low - normal?

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LittlePickleHead Fri 12-Apr-13 20:19:19

37 weeks today and for the last week my emotions have been all over the place. I'm feeling utterly shattered, and I've cried three times today for random reasons. I feel really down and guilty about dd (4) as I have no energy to do anything with her and I just feel so crap.

I just wondered whether this is normal and something to do with hormones changing before labour? I'm feeling a little concerned that I'll continue to feel like this after the birth and developing PND. Any experiences and is this likely to pass?

pinkteapot Fri 12-Apr-13 20:50:26

hi, i'm not a pnd expert, though have had ante-natal depression twice. it seems kind of late to develop this if you'v been ok till now, unless its been heading that way a bit? anyway i'm sure more qualified posters can comment on that (incidentally i've had AND twice but it never led to PND, so thats not a given).

anyway what I wanted to comment on was feeling crap cos you'v no time or energy for dd. listen, that is so normal, dont beat yourself up. I feel i'm a much less adequate mum wen pregnant than aftetwards even with newborn in tow. once you have the baby, you start recovering, getting back some energy and zest over those post-partum weeks. take it easy on yourself, if dd watches some extra telly its no big deal. i'm on dc 4, with 3 under 3, its crazy, so tiring, i'm hopelessly inadequate, zero energy, BUT it will be over soon (i'm 33 wks) and I can rebound! heres hoping the same for you! remember the amazing fact that you are coping with a dd and pregnancy, itd not easy, give yourself a break.
can you get someone to keep dd while you pop out? get a book n coffee, browse some shops, get your hair done, anything! thinkin of you, cos I know I often feel like that. you'll bounce back. x

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