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Hip and knee pain at night

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BraveLilBear Thu 11-Apr-13 13:51:39

I'm 25 weeks gone with my first and as active as I can be during the day - I walk up to 4 miles (briskly) and try to think about my posture etc.

Daytime, I get pain in the coccyx from my work chair, but that's about it. At night though I'm increasingly suffering from hip pain (mainly in right hip) that doesn't seem to matter which side I lie on - the only thing that relieves it when I wake up with it in agony is to roll on my back for a while and then readjust so it is less sharp.

Last night, to add to that, was lying on my left and while right hip was in agony, my left knee was also hurting. It was so stiff it felt swollen and like my knee was too swollen to bend properly, was also very painful.

Both issues are resolved by morning. Have tried various pillow combinations so far, but the results are very hit and miss. Any pearls of wisdom anyone can offer?

Havingkittens Thu 11-Apr-13 17:23:46

Have you tried putting a duvet or sleeping bag under your bottom sheet? I found this helped enormously. Also, if your joints feel swollen it could be water retention so keep your fluid intake up. Could be worth a chat with your midwife who may be able to refer you for physio or acupuncture if your hospital offer it.

annaitaliana Thu 11-Apr-13 17:37:46

I've been having that same issue but in my left hip... No trouble during the day, but so bad at night. I've started doing pregnancy yoga a few weeks ago and found it's helping a lot. The instructor gave me some gentle hip-opener stretches to do. Also sleeping with a giant pillow between my legs has helped. Good luck - it's agony right?!

BraveLilBear Thu 11-Apr-13 17:42:43

Anna total torture! It's a very weird feeling, and have done lots and lots of sport etc over the years (with lots of injuries) but nothing compares! I just wake up whimpering. I'm not 'allowed' to do to pregnancy yoga because of a mildly low-lying placenta (which I was gutted about when I found out), but have done hip-opening exercsises before for a different issue so will try some of those.

Thanks for the tip kittens I will do that tonight and see if it helps a bit. Did wake up thirsty this morning so water retention may have caused the knee thing last night - I was lying on my left so I guess it could have pooled there.

Just realised I sound like an 80-year-old in an old-peoples' home blush

jennimoo Thu 11-Apr-13 20:32:50

Last pregnancy I spent half of it sleeping with a long pillow between knees and supporting front and two folded over double duvets under me felt a bit princess and the pea but really helped.

I'm currently 20 weeks and the pain is just starting so ready to do all that again!

BraveLilBear Fri 12-Apr-13 11:20:34

Have to say thanks for the top tip - used a duvet doubled up under me last night and didn't wake up with scorching hip pain or random sore knee - result!

Was a bit sore, but nowhere near the amount of pain before. Will keep juggling the pillow/duvet arrangement until it makes perfect but let's just say I was so comfy I actually overslept grin

Fx it wasn't just a blip. Good luck all...

Havingkittens Fri 12-Apr-13 11:52:12

Ah, my pleasure. I'm glad it helped. Someone on here gave me the tip and it really made a huge difference. It got me through the last 6 months of pregnancy.

barbben Fri 12-Apr-13 12:08:53

i have a very sharp pain at nights in my hips, my yoga instructor say it's because of the growth of the body and the movement of the bones..

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