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32 weeks and cramps?

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TeaAndCakeOrDeath Wed 10-Apr-13 23:03:34

I'm 32 weeks (well 33 weeks tomorrow) and since Monday evening have had period-pain type cramps all along the very bottom of my stomach and across the middle. They increase and decrease in pain but have been constant, right now they're actually quite sore.

Went to Day Asssesment Unit at the hospital today with them (tried to speak to my midwife at the GP's surgery first but absolutley no way of doing that so called DAU and they asked me to come in) had a trace put on which showed baby is fine and they did an internal which showed my cervix is still closed

However, they couldnt say what the pains were or why they were sometimes so painful, just to take paracetamol every 4 hours and come back if they got so bad I couldnt talk through them/waters broke/bleeding/ show etc

Anyone else had this? I was thinking maybe Braxton Hicks but are they constant/so sore? This is DS2 but I was induced with DS1 so went from no pain to full on contractions very quickly, no idea what the 'niggly' starting pains might feel like....

ButteryJam Thu 11-Apr-13 09:21:59


I'm 33 weeks and been having pain just right below my bump. I have no idea what it is either but I suspect it could be gas. I'm going to bring it up with consultant too and see what he or she says.

Do you think it could be gas? Are your bowl movements regular?

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