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Got my 12 week scan on monday whats it like?How much water do I drink

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Debbsy Sat 13-May-06 09:33:59

Helo first baby scan on mon feel very nervous that eveyrhing will be ok, still got lots of ms and heartburn so it must be musnt it? and a bump Also very excited would love to hear everyones experiences,and how much water do you drink because some people say drink lots and others say not loads as you wont get a good pics.All advice greatly recieved thanks.

Seona1973 Sat 13-May-06 09:40:49

the letter that I got from the hospital said to drink about a pint of water approx 1 hour beforehand. I seem to have a tiny bladder though and after the scan had to pee about 3 It is great to see the baby on screen and I was lucky as it was moving about - you could see the tiny arms/legs moving and the heart was beating away too.

bluebear Sat 13-May-06 09:47:15

I thought the drinking water was to fill the bladder - the bladder is beneath the uterus at the early scan stage, and so it pushes the uterus up so it can be seen better - so more water=better pics not worse.
That's what i was told anyway

bluebear Sat 13-May-06 09:49:26

one of the hospitals I had scans had you needed to buy a voucher from a machine to pay for your scan pics, so take some £1 coins just in case - the other hospital did one pic for free.

waterfalls Sat 13-May-06 10:02:59

Heartburn this early on???? I had that and nearl fell off the bed at the scan when they told me I was expecting twins

Swizzler Sat 13-May-06 10:49:35

About a pint of water sounds right. If you drink too much and have to wait, you'll be v uncomfortable.

I'd agree with the point abot change - we had to pay at the desk for the pics in cash and they didn't have any change. Ended up emptying pockets of 2p coins to make up the balance!

Enjoy your scan - it's great to see the baby moving about.

lanismum Sat 13-May-06 11:44:06

i wasnt told to drink any water before my 12 weeks scan? but will agree with the others who have said to take change, our hospital charges £2.50 for scan pictures, make sure you tell the sonographer beforehand that you want them.

Seona1973 Sat 13-May-06 13:33:58

I cant believe all these places that charge!! I got 3 pictures at my scan for free!!

Twiglett Sat 13-May-06 13:36:15

I didn't drink any at all .. check with your hospital .. neither of the ones I had scans at wanted you to have a full bladder

beansprout Sat 13-May-06 13:37:30

I had to go off and drink some and go back 30 mins later so would be a good idea to have had some. Enjoy! It's sooo fab to see them for the first time.

cupcakes Sat 13-May-06 13:43:18

all they're probably going to do at this scan is measure it to check your dates (I always got set back a week or two) and look for a heartbeat. It is too early to look for anything else - including sex.
I've also been told to go out and drink more water as my bladder wasn't full enough. Since then I've always gone in feeling fairly desperate for the loo!

Highlander Sat 13-May-06 14:16:21

both pregs I didn't fill my bladder at all. Great views. They can have trouble apparently if you're overweight. It is soooooooooooo exciting the first time!!

olivo Sat 13-May-06 14:33:27

I was told to drink 500mls of water - and was bursting by the time they'd finished!! I have also heard that if you have too much the bladder actually somehow gets in the way and they get you to go for a wee!our first scan pictures were free but had to put 2 punds in a machine to get a token for the 20 week ones - worth it though for five very cute pictures!

good luck debbsy - i hope you really enjoy it.

HumphreysCorner Sat 13-May-06 20:03:46

Our hospital charges £3 per scan!

Good luck Debbsy


yomellamoHelly Sat 13-May-06 20:20:15

Just don't peak on your water intake too soon! With ds had to wait quite a while for both 12 and 20 week scans and it kind of spoils the mood - particularly given the way they press down in some places.

chipkid Sat 13-May-06 20:24:32

depends on the quality of the scanning equipment as to whether you have to drink water or not.
The newest scanning equipment means that drinking water is not required. the letter will tell you if you should drink water.
I loved the twelve week scan you see the baby so much clearer than with the 20 week one.

SophieB Sat 13-May-06 20:42:32

When i went for my 12 week sacn, i didnt have to drink any water. Its really exciting to see your baby on the screen for the first time and when you come out you wont be able to stop looking at the pictures and urll want the next scan to hurry up! i had to donate £2 per scan picture!

sighkotika Sun 14-May-06 10:21:18

i went for my 12 week scan last thursday, and was told i had drunk too much water! she showed me the size of my bladder on the ultrasound and it was huge lol we were told to drink a pint of water an hour before our appointment tho. and our hospital charges £2 for the pics, so definately take change if yuo arent sure

Debbsy Sun 14-May-06 13:16:58

thanks ladies for all advice feel very anxious today and a bit upset,just want tomorrow to come and to know baby is ok.And to know that this happiness i have felt since finding out we were pg will stay and not be snatched away from me,like it was before although i was only 4 weeks when had to chemical pg.

Debbsy Mon 15-May-06 20:55:53

Thanks all for advice scan went brillianty we got some fantastic pics,and bibby(nickname for baby now)was rolling from one side to the other,then picked its feet up sp we could see them,then lifted an arm to its face,truly truly beautiful.xx

compo Mon 15-May-06 20:59:07

aw. congratulations

Debbsy Mon 15-May-06 21:00:14

thank you cant sem to stop smiling

gingernut Mon 15-May-06 21:06:43

Great news .

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