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What is essential to buy? when to apply stretch mark oil and much more!!

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offonajolly Wed 10-Apr-13 13:06:59

I'm in my 18th week and I feel so clueless about everything! I am basically just doing what I am told at the moment, turning up to appointments and reading a bit here and there...

I was wondering if anyone had a full list of essential things to buy before the baby arrives...

and also, when do you start to apply strech mark oil? what is the best one?

And someone asked me the other day about maternity, how long are you taking off before the EDD and how long will you be off from work?

so many decisions to make - the other thing I was asked about how long you breast feed for? if you take 9 months off work for example, is that an ok time to stop?

help! smile I am clueless smile

Springsister Wed 10-Apr-13 13:20:10

Congratulations on your pregnancy. You've got lots of time left to prepare.

Firstly, look after yourself. I used palmers body butter, drink lots of water, eat well and stay active.

Things to buy. Small cot and bedding. Vests and sleep suits. Snowsuit hat. Lots of Muslins. A sling or pushchair that can lie flat. If you use public transport, a foldable buggy is best. Car seat if you drive.

If you plan to breastfeed then you need to buy minimal feeding stuff. I would get small hand pump with bottle attached so you can express and a steam steriliser.

Nappies and cotton wool.

That's the bare minimum.

There is endless stuff should you have the time and money though.

You can plan to return at 9 months, feed for 6 then start introducing formula feeds. I bf longer but by 9 months they only need morning and evening milk if they are eating well.


MyNameIsAnAnagram Wed 10-Apr-13 13:41:57

congratulations smile

Babies don't need much at first really, nappies a few basics of clothes, car seat, somewhere to sleep.

Re maternity, last time I worked till end of 36 weeks, this time till end of 37 weeks - DS was 2 weeks late so I ended up with 5 weeks of sitting at home and getting bored! It will depend on how well you are feeling etc though.

re feeding, it's up to you! I fed for 18m, but returned to work when ds was 7m. I expressed for him when at work till 11m, and then after that he just had morning and night feeds. But if you don't want to express at work you could formula feed while at work and bf at home, your supply will adjust to that.

Stretch mark oil, I'm not sure they do anything! I do use one, but only because I was given it, I wouldn't have bothered buying it.

festive Wed 10-Apr-13 14:59:14

You can find lists on things like the Boots, Mothercare, Mamas and Papas websites etc but beware - while they are helpful, certainly not all of it is essential!
You need somewhere for baby to sleep - Moses basket / crib / cot etc.
Some way for it to travel - all depends on your lifestyle so car seat, buggy or sling - or possibly all if you want!
I bf and was given the helpful advice not to invest in a pump, steriliser or anything like that until afterwards in case you can't bf / don't get on with it and switch to formula or whatever so best wait until you know what's what. And Internet shopping is so easy these days plus most big supermarkets stock this stuff so you can easily get hold of them in a day or so if you need or send a family member out with a list.
Also goes for bottles, nappies and toiletries - dont buy too much of any one brand in case it doesn't suit baby, you may have to try a few brands out before settling on what's best for baby and you.
Clothes wise - baby will need a few vests (long or short sleeve depending what time of year they are due) and few sleep suits. You prob need more than 5 cos they tend to poo / puke a lot to begin with but on the other hand don't buy too many as a) you will get loads as presents and b) my ds was HUGE and newborn stuff did not fit him so had to despatch DH to emergency shop for 0-3 month clothes when he was born!
Mine did not need snow suit as born in June - so again, shop appropriate to season baby is due.
Bedding for wherever they are going to sleep - so sheets, cellular blankets etc.
Muslins. Hundreds of them smile
A couple nursing bras / vests / nighties / tops with buttons or easy access for you for after the birth - again not loads in case you don't stick with bf.
Stretch mark oil - I used mamma mio cream in a tub religiously from 20 weeks the first time around but still got stretch marks at 38 weeks sad oils can be a faff in the mornings if you are in a rush to dress and need to wait for them to seep in so I use any old body cream in the am and the stretch mark oil at night when have more time. Am pg again and using oils / creams again - not to prevent stretch marks as am more realistic this time around, ha ha, but more for comfort and to soothe tight itching skin.

Good luck and enjoy smile

Springforward Wed 10-Apr-13 22:10:04

Regarding oil - first time around I used bio oil religiously, and got only a couple of stretch marks (none on bump/ boobs).

Second time around I associated the smell with nausea so couldn't use it, but found that Asda did one without much fragrance at much less than half the price!

However, once I read that nothing you put on the skin makes much difference I switched to Doublebase which keeps my skin drastically more comfy, is about a tenner for an enormous pot from Boots, and at 32 weeks I still have no new stretch marks yet. Still time though I guess!

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 11-Apr-13 19:56:27

I just used baby oil gel on my tummy while I was in the shower. It's cheap (so am I grin), easily available and I never got a mark.

Both times I finished about 6 weeks before the planned birth and I'm glad I did, dc1 arrived 2 weeks early and I had a UTI for the last month with dc2 and was buggered.

If you are a bit clueless, sign up for the nct emais. They are quite useful and all nct information is evidence based so you can trust it smile.

As for buying stuff, I bought a travel system with carseat. We used the pram bit with a stand as the Moses basket. I bought 2 sheet and 2 blankets for our spring baby. 6 vests and 6 sleep suits. When DS was born we were given loads so don't go mad, try and save your money for your mat leave, you'll appreciate it when you are home with baby smile.

About the other things you need are some Muslins, some cotton wool and some nappies although a baby hoodie would be useful (and so much easier than a coat or snowsuit). If you are thinking of getting any books for yourself have a look first at kellymoms list of books to avoid.

As for feeding I didn't buy anything although I read this book before having dc2 and I really wish I'd read it before having dc1! How I looked on it, I'd try bfing and if it didnt work out I'd get bottles and formula later. If you are thinking of bfing all you really need is a couple of nursing bras and some breastpads. No need for any bottles, formula or steriliser, in fact research shows that if you have bought these whilst pg, you are more likely to give up on bfing.

Millions of breastpumps are sold worldwide each year that are never used too. if you do bf and want to express you can hand express or buy a pump when you need one. As long as you live reasonably close to a 24 hour supermarket or chemist and not in the outer Hebrides you'll be fine, just put the Bfing Helpline numbers in your phone and read preparing to bf. Like the nct, kellymoms information is evidence based smile

Try to find out where your local bfing groups, aqua and postnatal swimming, pregnancy yoga or Pilates, playgroups and nct groups are while you are pg. You can go to the groups while you are still pg, you don't have to wait until Lo arrives, ask what is running at your local children's centre too.

Have you thought about courses? Has your mw mentioned the NHS ones, if you are lucky enough to have them in your area that is?

Sorry for the rather enormous post but I hope it helps smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 11-Apr-13 20:12:05

Can't believe I wrote all of that and forgot some things. If you do take 9 months off work of course you can stop bfing but you mupight find that you don't want to. I'd decide nearer the time, the breast & bottle section on here is great for dilemmas like that smile

Get a sling too, one that is easy to put on by yourself. I used the close but there are many others. Some children's centres loan them out for you to try or go along to a sling meet. The reviews on Mn are quite good too smile

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