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Weight gain at 21 weeks

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Bejeena Wed 10-Apr-13 10:49:46

I know so many threads on this subject.

I am 21+1 and just had my 20 week scan this morning (later due to Easter hols). I have gained 6.4kg so far which is just about a stone. I am short and was of normal weight range to start with, exercised quite a lot (big runner).

Doctor has said this is normal but I am worried that I am going to gain a lot more over the next few weeks and I already feel like an elephant!

So how much had you gained by 21 weeks and how much more did you go on to gain?

I sound a bit obsessed I know but just want to get my head around it and of course more than anything my priority is to have a healthy, happy baby at the end of it all and not worry about my figure! Just sometimes a girl can't help it smile

Sunnysummer Wed 10-Apr-13 12:29:56

I know that everyone says this and it's hard to hear and trust, but it is very individual - your gain sounds totally reasonable and if your doctor is happy and you are eating sensibly(ishwink) and being active then all is good!

My previously-tiny sister gained 16kg by 23 weeks and was horrified, but then gained only 4kg for the rest of her pregnancy, and lost it all within a month of the birth.

I also started smallish and actually lost weight up until 16 weeks, so by 21 weeks I was still not quite back to my starting weight... But as I've gained an impressive 1kg+ a week for the entire 3rd trimester, at 37 weeks, i'm now on track to be within the recommended average by the end! Apparently my mum was just the same. Of all my friends, hardly anyone seems to gain the nice steady 0.4kg a week you read about in the guides.

Good luck and don't stress too much smile

rrreow Wed 10-Apr-13 13:13:09

I gained a lot (for me, I'm quite petite and had a BMI of 18 pre-pregnancy) during the first half of the pregnancy. Probably about the same as you, which made me think I was on a trajectory to put on at least 15kg (as they say it's normal to put on about 0.5kg a week from the latter weeks onwards) by the end. I also felt very fat and heavy around that time (especially compared to my first pregnancy where I hardly showed for ages, and then just had a football-under-the-shirt-type bump)!

But after about 24w my weight gain really levelled off. I'm now 30w and have put on about 8kg total and my bump is football-like again rather than blobby (technical term grin). So I'm not sure yet where it's going to go from now on weight wise, but it feels normal. Hopefully you'll have a similar experience. I know how disconcerting it is to put on weight when you're used to being quite in control of your figure and weight.

I found this helpful: It shows you a graph of the average (with min and max lines) and plots your weight on there.

rrreow Wed 10-Apr-13 13:15:43

Oh also to add, throughout the pregnancy I've just eaten when hungry. I try to have healthy snacks but don't avoid treats (but not craving loads of sugary things anyway, so that helps).

Bejeena Wed 10-Apr-13 14:45:01

Thanks everyone is good to know other experiences. I guess I am feeling guilty after the odd overindulgence over Easter and that is making me worry. It could be a lot more I know.

Guntie Wed 10-Apr-13 14:53:25

Bejeena I wouldn't worry. I am eating healthy and had gained 10kgs by 20 weeks. I was really surprised as I really couldn't see it (other than the bump obv). I spoke to my doctor about who was totally chilled out about it. She said some people gain it at different times and pack on early and then dont put on so much for the rest of the second trimester. This was certainly the case for me. It just not the case where you gain weight in a linear fashion each week.

Don't stress :-)

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