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Presentation scan 39 weeks so scared help!

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YummyDollie Wed 10-Apr-13 07:48:44

Ok, basically my midwife isn't convinced the baby is head down (she was five days ago though) so is sending me for a scan today at 39 weeks if she isn't head down will they attempt am ECV or will I have to go straight for a section? I'm so scared I was all hyped up and desperate for a natural birth (first time mum here) and now I'm frightened to death that I may have a baby tonight or something is wrong and suddenly I'm really scared that there's something wrong with my baby she's all up in my ribs and I'm not coping well today at all, partner at work till he picks me up for scan so am on my own till then and I'm also now devastated at the thought that my mum can't witness the birth (as my birthing partners were boyfriend and mum) as you can see I'm
Getting myself in such a silly tizzy and just wanted to speak to anyone who had been through something like this before sad

Joycey29 Wed 10-Apr-13 07:55:19

My dc3 was breech and I had her turned as was advised by midwife this was the best.
Very uncomfortable procedure but I suppose necessary if you want as natural a birth as possible.
I was induced early with all 3 of mine due to low fluid so can't comment on that.
Good luck!

Homebird8 Wed 10-Apr-13 08:01:21

My DS was an unstable lie even after my due date. They did an ECV at 37 weeks which I didn't find very uncomfortable at all and I had a natural labour a few weeks later.

Holding your hand. It's an uncertain time. The more you can relax the easier the ECV will be if you decide to do that and there's a chance baby is head down after all. Does the baby ever get hiccups? That was how I used to tell where the head was. The bottom doesn't hic!

YummyDollie Wed 10-Apr-13 12:42:58

Thanks for the support ladies! Baby has been switching from Engadget to breech for 3 weeks so sometime hiccups are at bottom and sometimes at top! Now she's stuck sideways under my ribs I'm on abs

YummyDollie Wed 10-Apr-13 12:47:04

Posted too soon...
Absolute agony! Morning hasn't been good as after managing not to get stretch marks throughout the entire pregnancy I've found a massive clump of them underneath my bump today at bang on 39 weeks I know this seems so vain but I cried for an hour about them this morning... blush it just feels like the worlds against me today and am scared that something will be wrong with the baby just to top it all off! I know I'm being silly but I'm just a massive bag of hormones today actually cried on my beauticians shoulder after having my eyebrows done earlier because I'm just so stressed with the worry of having a transverse baby and a C Section! An hour and a half and I go for the scan so least its getting closer off for another cry now as I've just felt my stretch marks getting itchy urghh feel so fat and ugly! Sorry for the rant blush

Joycey29 Thu 11-Apr-13 07:52:05

How did it go?
I know the feeling when you find secret stretch marks under the bump - don t worry they do fade! I was gutted too!
Hope you are ok, don't stress - baby will be here soon and you will be able to see it was worth it.
The birth is important to you but in the end a healthy baby is the point if pregnancy. Birth memories fade, the baby won't! smile

YummyDollie Thu 11-Apr-13 21:49:06

Turns out babys turned head down and ready to go woopie! Feeling much better after an evening of sobbing and a really good deep sleep last night woke up feeling much much better! Thanks for asking joycey29 flowers

Homebird8 Fri 12-Apr-13 00:21:49

Gosh, you have got a pesky one like I did. What really matters is that if you go into labour you find our which way up the baby is. There are risks associated with an unstable lie especially during labour so as soon as you think it might be happen ending call the if wife and ask for a check at home by the community team. If the baby isn't head down at that point you can decide to go for the CS but if little one has stayed in the right position or returned to it then you can stay at home a bit longer before you go in.

I called my midwife at 3am and she came out quite happily. Luckily my little monkey was head down and I gave birth later that day at home as I'd wanted to. Head anywhere else and I would have made the decision to go in.

I'm sending some settling vibes to your DC for a straightforward birth. Joycey is right though. In the end it's not the birth that matters but your delicious new baby who will fill your life and your heart with worry and joy forever.

Homebird8 Fri 12-Apr-13 00:22:52

Aagh typos. As soon as you think it is happening, call the midwife!

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