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Progesterone pessaries harmful for baby????

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Gabriela16 Tue 09-Apr-13 18:41:52

Hy there,i am really concern about my baby...from 20weeks the doctor prescribed me progesterone pessaries because my cervix is very short 5mm and i can delivery in any moment...since 20weeks i am taking them every night but i am soooo concern about baby because is like more then 6 weeks with this tratament i am 27 weeks and he wants to continue with progesterone pessaries until i reach 32 weeks(hopefully)...i have rread that can be harmful for baby...i am crying every night...i so scared...has anyone took them and in the end everything was fine?pleass help with an advice...thank you

orangeone Tue 09-Apr-13 19:11:30

I took the pessaries for the first 13 weeks of my last pregnancy (DD now nearly 3) and my current pregnancy (nearly 33 weeks). DD completely fine and current baby no identified issues. In my case they literally saved my babies lives as prior to having the pessaries - I had 4 mc as my body couldn't carry a pregnancy without the extra support. For me they have been a miracle that have allowed me to have children albeit alittle gross at times (need to wear a panty liner!! ;-)

ExpatAl Tue 09-Apr-13 21:05:29

Progesterone is a hormone that your body naturally produces. Don't worry.

Blending Wed 10-Apr-13 15:24:09

I took them for the first 13 weeks too, for both my DD who is now 2 and for this pregnancy (twins)

I had IVF and its a natural hormone that helps support your pregnancy, so I wouldn't panic- step away from google grin or you will drive yourself crazy.

Many women take them and are completely fine.

Good luck.

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