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First trimester hair and skin issues help!

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MrsMuskett Tue 09-Apr-13 17:32:32

Hi,I am currently 11wks pg and I am having real skin issues,spots galore,dry skin,really bad dandruff.ive tryed all the usual creams etc,every type of dandruff shampoo,drinking more water,I'm taking a pregnancy multi vitamin with folic,omega 3 etc.i don't know what else to so its really upsetting me.any advice or if anyone's had similar issues would be helpful.thank you x

Discogeek Tue 09-Apr-13 21:30:08

Hiya MrsM, I'm afraid I can't provide any answers but can share how you feel - I'm exactly the same!

My hair is greasy & dandruffy (really not good with black hairhmm) my skin is spotty, washed out & grey looking and I am FED UP.

Hoping someone will have some magic answers to make me look like me again....wink

Excited85 Wed 10-Apr-13 06:36:45

I was exactly the same, now 12+3 and pleased to say my skin is starting to look much better. Haven't used anything in particular other than put some bio oil on cotton wool and wiped over dry areas and spot scars one night (not on fresh ones though) and that seemed to help a bit. Tbh I think it's just down to hormone changes, hopefully yours will ease up too in a few weeks :-)

MrsMuskett Wed 10-Apr-13 11:18:35

thanks guys, read a few threads and it seems a lot of us are suffering with this too. if i find any good remedies ill post it. i did read someone said that oilatum worked for them, its pricy but worth a try and like u say excited85, it might clear up after the 12 wk period, im 11+1 so not long to go x

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