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Feeling like pulled stomach muscles?

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Pizdets Tue 09-Apr-13 15:57:32

Hi All,

Just wondered if I could get some advice? I'm 16 weeks pregnant on Thursday and had a cervical stitch put in last Friday due to a shortened cervix.

The twinges etc all seem to have passed, but I'm experiencing a feeling when I move in odd directions, like my tummy muscles are being pulled, and when I cough (quite a lit as I have a cold) I can really feel it in my lower abdomen (wouldn't say it's painful, more of a pulling sensation).

I'm worried this is some kind of complication from the surgery last week, or is it just normal to have these kinds of pain at this stage of pregnancy? I do have a little bump already, if that makes a difference!

Would appreciate any thoughts and experiences, I know I'm probably paranoid but will call the hospital if it's not normal!


Alexandra6 Tue 09-Apr-13 19:42:29

piz I'm really glad your stitch went well, I've been following your story as I had a lletz and am worried about how my cervix will cope. Please keep me posted on how it goes for you.

About the pains, I am only 7 weeks so too early to say but a pregnant friend was telling me she got pains a few times and it's normal, sharper when she coughed, sneezed or laughed. Also it sounds like stretching pains. Hopefully other people with more experience can help too but if I were you, whilst I'd try not to worry as it's probably normal pains, I would get it checked out if it continues as it could be stitch-related. I had severe pains last night but I think that might have been really bad trapped wind blush again I've googled and that can be a cause of pain in pregnancy so hope it was just that.

Lots of luck.

Pizdets Tue 09-Apr-13 21:15:40

Hi Alexandra,

Thanks so much for replying. That thread about the stitch was so bolstering, I'm so grateful that so many ladies shared their stories as it really calmed me down. Do drop me a line if you have any questions nearer the time but from what I hear, even after the lletz treatment it's very rare they take off enough to cause a problem so please don't worry.

The muscle pains have now been joined by the same pregnancy lower backache which I've had for weeks so am feeling reassured it's pregnancy symptoms. I have a scan booked on Monday so can always ask them then.

Thanks again for replying and good luck with your pregnancy!


HelenEv Wed 10-Apr-13 09:29:40

Hello both :-)
I had a cervical stitch in early Dec at 14 weeks as I had a lletz & a cone biopsy 3 years ago. The surgery went fine and the consultant said that I may feel some 'pulling' afterwards as some people can feel the stitch in this way (so maybe that's what you've been feeling a bit?).

I don't think I've had that, but I have had a kind of 'pulled muscle' feeling a couple of times when out on a walk. Not sure if that's linked or not.

Touch wood it's all going ok so far and I'm 31 weeks now and my main feeling is that I'm so impressed with the care and what they can do now for those of us who have had this kind of lletz etc.. treatment in the past.

Hope you are both doing ok :-)


Pizdets Wed 10-Apr-13 09:38:30


So happy you're got to 31 weeks, huge congratulations, that's wonderful! Thanks for sharing your experience, I don't think I've been able to feel the stitch since the op either (and quite happy not to!) but guess I'm just super-sensitive to aches and pains now as I love a good reason to worry!

Hope your little one stays in place for at least another 6 weeks for you and good luck!


HelenEv Fri 12-Apr-13 19:10:31

Hello Piz :-)
Thank you for replying and it would be lovely to hear how you get on too.

I don't know anyone else who's had a stitch so it's all a bit new (as is pregnancy in general!) and it's really good to hear from someone who's having the same experience. Really glad that your stitch went well and you're not feeling anything. I've started to realise that I'm hyper-conscious of everything at the moment and seemingly worry about everything. I'm told this continues for at least the next 18 years!!

The stitch is due to come out at 37 weeks (but I think you knew that already!) and I'm hoping that s/he will come pretty soon after that (before getting too big!!). Is yours due to come out at 37 weeks too?


Pinkbump3 Fri 12-Apr-13 19:41:09

Hi I have no experience of a cervical stitch but I'm 17weeks +1 and for the last week I have had a lot of bad pulling pains low nan and pain up both side of belly like stretching pain it had me worried midwife reassured me this is normal at this stage and it's round ligament pain. It could be a combination of both for you. I hope your pregnancy goes well x

Kelly1814 Fri 12-Apr-13 20:42:14

Hello piz! And Helen so glad to hear you have a stitch and things are going well. Mine is scheduled for next Tuesday.

I've been having some strange twinge feelings today, actually just googled it (I know, I know) and it all seems to say growing uterus, so piz, it could well be that.

Good luck to everyone over the next few months smile

Pizdets Mon 15-Apr-13 15:04:02

Hi Guys,

Sorry, forgot to come back and check this thread! Helen, yes, I'm due to have the stitch out at 37 weeks too. The baby is due end of September so I just want him to hang on in there until 1st September at the very least as I don't want a little preemie baby going into school as the youngest in the year. So that's my wish, soon after 37 weeks is ideal but after 1st Sept (which is 36 weeks, I think) is really important!

Pinkbump and Kelly, thanks for the comments, sounds like it is just growing pains, they measured my cervix at a scan today and was told it looks 'long'! Not sure what to take from that, it wasn't the prem clinic so they don't specialise but will try to relax a bit from now on.

Kelly, good luck of course for tomorrow!


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