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anyone else pregnant with dc4?

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hokeycakey Tue 09-Apr-13 12:39:24

Hi all

I am 13 weeks 4 days with dc4 I have a ds 5 and 2 dds 3 and 14 months I always sort of wanted 4 but i was surprised to fall so easily with this one as haven't even had a period since having dd in feb 2012

I am very happy to be completing our family but scared about how I will cope with 4 of 6 and under although my standards are so low now it'll probably be ok smile

I feel terrible really sick and tired and halfway through a training course as well so supposed to be doing loads of written work for that..... oh well

Is there anyone else about pregnant with dc4 who wants to chat during our pregnancies?

CherryPie3 Fri 03-May-13 11:26:53

Would just like to say congratulations to all of you ladies expecting you fourth babies, you are so very lucky!! Children are a blessing.

I wish I could post on this thread too but sadly is defensively adamant that there will be no number 4 for us. I had a scare this week where I thought I may have been, bfp on one hpt then bfns on all the following ones (3). I never told dh about this as he would have been so disappointed if I had have been. sad

Wishing you all safe and healthy pregnancies ending in easy delivery and beautiful healthy babies smile

MissLurkalot Tue 30-Apr-13 17:50:30

Hokey, yes, two uninterrupted hours with Toby stark was very decadent but very lovely! Never used to like him before iron man, not my type at all, but if be his Pepper anyday!
Reassure dp about the snip.. My dp thought it was better than he expected, honestly. The procedure and the few days after.
It might take up to a year though after the procedure .. Crazy isn't it!
I will let you know about midwife tomorrow at 2pm. I just say that my cervix feels cling film thin sometimes. I'm always aware of a heavy head there, but it's 95% fine. No real biggy.. If anything, it was worse with no3!

Hi Foxsun... xxx welcome and congratulations! You've got some nice age gaps there.. I'm sure your older ones will be really excited and helpful, my 8yr old is, she's always offering to help.. I'm lucky with her, she's such a thoughtful girl. She actually makes breakfast for her younger sister and brother now... Completely by her own request.. She loves doing it.. Perfect timing too, with baby arriving in 3 weeks time.
My four and a three quarter year old, who's at school, helps take the washing piles upstairs.. And all of the kids tidy up the toys some nights.

BAH exactly! Bloody unhelpful comments really, but it gets better, promise. People just don't think basically!
But just let it roll off... I sometimes think it's down to jealousy to be honest.. As some people, not all, know that they're done with one, two or three... And maybe would love the idea of another, but aren't brave enough to go for it. We have no day to day support family wise.. Parents in law are lovely and willing but are really getting on and don't get out as much these days.. They are always our emergency cover, ie when I go into labour. I don't feel comfortable asking them for anymore. My brother and sister are much older with grown up kids now, and are bloody marvellous, but sadly live nearly 3hrs away. They enjoyed having the two older girls for two nights in the school hols. My adoptive family here, aunt and two cousins, live around the corner, but we're not close nowadays and we wouldn't ask them anyway, certainly no offers of help. But, not being critical, just stating facts.. We are on our own really, and love our large brood. Very much controlled chaos. And, we're really blessed with a circle of close friends and a great network if school/preschool mums.
We're happily self sufficient, and very grateful for two days at nursery for my little two year old boy!!!

FoxSun Tue 30-Apr-13 14:33:55

Honey86 - I took a lot of reassurance from what you wrote, it seems people are complete and utter tools the world over. I did say to my partner "if you can't say congratulations, why not shut up?" I mean "WOW" is acceptable but "you're mad" or "mental" or "in for a big shock" really isn't. And as for asking me if it was planned! Well I had sex...

FoxSun Tue 30-Apr-13 14:30:49

Hi. I've read a large chunk of this thread, but not managed it all!
I'm also pregnant with number 4! When baby puts in an appearance I will have a 7 and a half year old, a 5 (or 6, baby is due the day before her birthday) year old, a three and a half year old and a four and a half year old step son.

This baby was a complete and utter surprise, and caused quite the bit of commotion, but at 23 weeks he's definitely here to stay! I'm somewhere between excited, exhausted, sore and happy. Really trying to enjoy this pregnancy, whilst also finding the daily school runs and chaos of a full time three year old quite a challenge. My partner is out of the house quite long hours, but he's being a great support. Most other people are currently irritating me with their "you're brave / crazy / mental / in for a shock" comments. BAH.

I'm beginning to get sore hips, I had crippling SPD with my second daughter, from very early on, so that's making things tricky. However I am looking forward to the better weather and trying to make the most of the longer days.
I'd love to try and involve myself with other people in a similar position, there don't seem to be too many of us out there, so it's good to "meet you all"

hokeycakey Tue 30-Apr-13 14:04:31

Thanks very much! Ooh yes hoping you have lots of lovely things planned for this last bit I was very jealous of your solo cinema trip...2hrs with Robert d j smile
Need to get dh booked in for his snip! Always makes me think of a dog going to the vet...poor dh
Interested to hear what your midwife says tomorrow! My old childminder was telling me she felt as though her 4th was hanging out from about 6 months pregnant....she has such a lovely way with words!!

MissLurkalot Tue 30-Apr-13 13:50:02

Yahoo on your Yoga training!!!! Whoop!

MissLurkalot Tue 30-Apr-13 13:49:41

Hi Hokey.., I wish!! No, still three weeks to go. I got mega excited too on Friday but read up on bumps dropping, but it doesn't mean anything.
Got the last midwife appointment tomorrow so will see if heads engaged etc,... I just hope my cervix is actually as paper thin as it feels! And labour starts ASAP!
Feeling fine though... Enjoying the last few weeks of being preggers as this is soooooo the last time.
Hubby had another result on his sample of 'swimmers' after the snip last September... There are still 'swimmers' there, but not a high level like last month. Apparently, some people take up to 1 year to be clear of swimmers! He's just got to keep sending a sample in every month until they've all gooooone! Poor little guys! :-)

hokeycakey Tue 30-Apr-13 13:30:16

Hope everyone is ok... Miss lurkakot you haven't gone into early labour have you? All this talk of dropping bumps making me get excited for you!
I passed my yoga course though so am now a qualified teacher! Albeit a rather large yoga teacher!

hokeycakey Sat 27-Apr-13 19:29:08

Hi all

Razzdazz congrats! How lovely for you

So far I have boy girl girl so no idea what's coming next! Yes the car I haven't even thought about it yet but def need to as we live in a little village and I def need to get out of it regularly!

I am doing my yoga teacher training assessment weekend at the moment & it is utter bliss, whole day of yoga, bit of swimming and just about to go for dinner before bath and early bed with tv on ON MY OWN bliss indeed smile I need this every weekend....

There is nothing more knackering than pregnancy whilst looking after multiple kids I am sure.... I get my pjs on with the kids every night!

MissLurkalot Sat 27-Apr-13 13:14:14

Yay, hi Razzdazz... Congratulations! Love the boy girl boy girl! We're girl girl boy boy... But just do happy to be having a baby, whatever the sex.
We've got a 7 seater now, bloody love it! I wish we got it earlier.
It's a vw sharan, automatic. It's soooooo lovely driving a big, comfy and automatic car. We've taken one middle seat out, do its a 6 seater now, which leaves more room for the kidsto get on and out on their own.
We're all systems go here.. Still three weeks to go, but my bump dropped spectacularly yesterday.. And I actually feel more comfortable now. I'm less breathless and he must have been lying on or near a nerve , as my left hip/rump would lock and spasm off and on, nothing particularly painful, but I would get up and not be able to move for a minute... Or it felt like my left leg would give way. But, all fine now.
I've got the final midwife appointment next Wednesday so it'll be interesting to see how 'engaged' he actually is.

Razzdazz Fri 26-Apr-13 21:31:22

Hello all, Im just over 16 weeks now and have found out we are expecting a little girl so it will go:boy,girl,boy,girl lol. Have finally took the jump and purchased a 7 seater......all feeling very real now!!

MissLurkalot Fri 26-Apr-13 21:16:03

We put the kids down, and I'm in the bath, then upstairs in bed watching tv!

Wickedgirl Fri 26-Apr-13 21:03:55

Pregnancy has got to be the most exhausting thing a body can go through. I am shattered and could happily go to bed before all of my children

honey86 Fri 26-Apr-13 17:20:33

im ok thank you.. just coming out of the sicky stage, bit by bit, but am still pretty exhausted... snatching catnaps when i can shock according to the scan im due 1st nov, the day before ds's birthday grin

syl1985 Fri 26-Apr-13 16:52:12

Congratulations to all the pregnant ladies over here!

I'm also pregnant with number 4.

I've got 3 sons of almost 3, 4 and a 6 year old.

Wickedgirl Fri 26-Apr-13 14:13:35

I am at 16+2 and the sickness and nausea have both been much gone (thankfully)

If this one is a girl, I will also have 2 of each. I'm not finding out the sex though as I'm really not concerned with what I am to be blessed with. I am lucky enough just to be having another baby

MissLurkalot Fri 26-Apr-13 14:06:41

Hi honey86! Congratulations on your new beginning.
Ooooh I wonder if its a boy or a girl? I'll have two of each, but I'd have been equally happy with another girl... As long as they're healthy!
I've had a few of those remarks.. You get them mostly at first, but it never really bothered me too much. Just the one friend, who I don't see much now anyway, who insists on calling me 'crazy' every time I bloody see her. I put it down to sour grapes, as I think she was hoping 2013 would be her year to be pregnant. She's always got on my nerves to be honest, so no real matter.
Don't let their flippant comments take the joy out of your pregnancy. I tended to laugh it off, I was never too bothered with it.
I think people can't help their first reaction....mostly they've followed it up with congrats, that's great, you're a braver woman than I... Kind of comments. I think most people know when they've done, numbers of kids wise... For me, that's 4! Lol !

Hokey.. I get crazy amount of movements.. It's like he's filling every inch of my insides! At night it's funny, as I like to lie on my left side, but nowadays it feels weird, as if I'm lying on top of him and he's squirming under me, lol!
I've just seen iron man 3 at the cinema. It's my little treat, as girlies are at school and little boy is at nursery, so I took myself off by myself. Love it! Just me at the cinema, very liberating.
Infact, baby loved it so much, my bump has dramatically dropped. It was quite high before and i would get a tiny bit breathless sometimes.

hokeycakey Fri 26-Apr-13 13:51:26

Hello honey and welcome! So sorry to hear about the father of your children that must have been so awful for you but congratulations on dc4!! Yes we were talking about that upthread lots of "was it planned?" with a concerned face smile how are you feeling?

honey86 Thu 25-Apr-13 23:37:27

heya im preg with dc4, 13 weeks tomorrow smile i have 2 boys, 7 and 5, and a girl, who turns 4 in a couple weeks. all three go to school. dc4 has a different dad to my first 3. their dad tragically died at xmas when i was expecting dd. so this one is a new beginning.

im intrigued to know what people have said to you ladies once announced. i got 'another one?' 'your mad!' 'you going for a football team then?' 'youll need a minibus soon'
blah blah blah hmm 'im happy for you' would suffice thanks lol x

hokeycakey Thu 25-Apr-13 22:17:45

Ooh Sundays child.... That's my ds! Bonny & blithe & good all day apparently smile

Yes be positive I think that's the key hoping for an "orgasmic birth" this time, my friend lent me Ina Mays guide to childbirth which is a fantastic book if you haven't read it, all empowerment & positivity but it has the most amazing pics of women in ecstasy whilst crowning! Does say its very rare though but we could be the 2 in a million smile

off to bed now as keep staying up too late & I'm knackered is your little one keeping you up with kicking in the night or has he got a bit tight in space? Can't wait to feel proper kicks!

MissLurkalot Thu 25-Apr-13 22:01:20

Ah, that must have been bloody awful. ((Hug))
A small part of me thinks how lucky we've been so far.. Are we tempting fate? But, I shake it off and think positive thoughts. I have absolutely no control over how things go... And the main thing is I'm in hospital with all the right people there, consultants, etc. not just midwife led..
Well, all the other times my mil/fil come over and look after the kids here. I've also got offers of help from various friends, who can do night and/day.. But, basically it'll be mil/fil.
No3 arrived on a Sunday.. Nice and straightforward. Fingers crossed!
To be honest, if I need to go in by myself, I will. I'm sure it won't come to that though.. But as long as kids are sorted and I'm in hospital, that's the main thing.

hokeycakey Thu 25-Apr-13 21:53:16

I think I will, I never have before but I think I want to this time, I have had 3 pretty good births really all water births which i found great and I know what you mean, the excitement and anticipation is amazing and the relief afterwards! Only thing is with last dd she was whisked off to intensive care straight after the birth because she wasnt breathing properly and I didn't see her for hours, it was such a horrible experience I couldn't even hold her until 24hrs after she was born, I think I am more scared about all that....

Yuck anyway sometimes you never get a chance to deal with these things properly, there's no reason why anything like that would happen again

Do you have a plan for what you are gonna do with the kids, gets complicated with 3 of them to be looked after!

MissLurkalot Thu 25-Apr-13 21:32:26

Hi hokey.. I was worried everyone had disappeared.
I know, nor can I! It's honestly flown by.
You must think I'm mad, but I can't wait to go through it again. To meet him and to experience it all again. I just can't wait.
My cervix is cling film thin, so can feel his little head all ready to go. Of course, I'm uncomfortable some of the time and I have the usual heavily pregnant aches and pains... But this is the last time, and I'm going to try to savour every moment.
The pain, labour, has never got any easier, I'm not looking forward to the pure agony and being out of control with it.. But that part of it has got shorter with each labour I've had, so therefore, I suppose, easier.
The key is to stay in control and not let it take you over completely.
I remember with no3, right in the awful transition bit, using the gas and air really efficiently, and despite being in raw agony, just turned to hubby and said 'it's ok, I'm here'. Then, two pushes later, no3 baby was here.
I had bloody awful after pains again though, bloody Nora! But, straight away asked for a Voltorol suppository!! It took the edge off. My god, the after pains with no2 were really really bad, to the point I had to hand baby over! I just couldn't hold her.
Sorry to babble! I can talk for hours about labour!
16 weeks? Yay... You've got that lovely scan to look forward to now.
Are you going to find out? I did.. x

hokeycakey Thu 25-Apr-13 20:57:55

Ha ha misslurkalot this is one of the best things about pregnancy! Terrible though as I go off real life sex, probably because I don't need it after the dreams smile

Can't believe you are 36 weeks! Can't imagine getting there, how are you feeling about labour? Guess it just becomes a necessary evil

Great news greenleaftea so happy he was happy!

I am ok 16 weeks tomorrow but still feeling bloody sick stupid hormones I never seem to get that glowing energy bit have a date for my 20 week scan on the 24th may so looking forward to that!

Hi all

MissLurkalot Tue 23-Apr-13 17:48:35

That's great Greenleaftea.... Soooo excited for you. My pregnancy has blooming flown by! 36 weeks now.. Only 4 weeks to go. Unless they induce me... We'll see.

Hope everyone is feeling well... How is everyone?

On a funny note, my god, I am having the most sensational dreams!!!! Some really quite steamy!!! Lol!!!

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