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anyone else pregnant with dc4?

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hokeycakey Tue 09-Apr-13 12:39:24

Hi all

I am 13 weeks 4 days with dc4 I have a ds 5 and 2 dds 3 and 14 months I always sort of wanted 4 but i was surprised to fall so easily with this one as haven't even had a period since having dd in feb 2012

I am very happy to be completing our family but scared about how I will cope with 4 of 6 and under although my standards are so low now it'll probably be ok smile

I feel terrible really sick and tired and halfway through a training course as well so supposed to be doing loads of written work for that..... oh well

Is there anyone else about pregnant with dc4 who wants to chat during our pregnancies?

tazmo Sun 14-Apr-13 08:44:34

Hi yes too early to test. Due next sat or sun. First response r the best but have to get them from boots. The wee supermarkets here only have stupid clear blue digital and they only worked for me more or less the day you're due. Plus boots only open tomorrow. Wanted to get one yesterday but didn't want to give dh canaries. Think he's confident it'll work. Only other symptom was poky feelings shortly after, and do think I was ovulating. Am 42 so don't want another. Had high downs risk and rubbish 3 rd c section. Am shattered as all under 5. They r arguing over telly programmes right now and I can't be bothered! Loads of wailing! Under stress as just back to work and work ft. I have Ulcerative colitis so being constipated is unusual.

MissLurkalot Sun 14-Apr-13 10:04:47

I knew I was pregnant with no 2 and no 3. My pregnancy symptoms are exactly the same as my period symptoms!

However, I had zero symptoms and was adamant I was not pregnant! I just realised at the start of September, ironically on the day dd2 started school, that my period hasn't come, but told hubby not to worry as I had no symptoms. He rushed off to sainsburys local in the pouring rain and bought the worlds bought the worlds most expensive pregnancy test! I said there's no point as in not pregnant, but weed on it all the same, and gave if to him to hold and wait. I put the kettle on, and I heard 'FFS'!!!
We were pregnant. Couldn't believe it.

We were trying and did want one more, we hadn't tried that month! We wanted to concentrate on dd2 starting school... Bobs your uncle!

We were in shock though, even though we did want one more. In shock all week... Wobbling 'shit?, what have we done', even though it was what we wanted. Silly isn't it? But, it just hit us. I then became paranoid,,. What if it's twins? Hadn't thought of that!!! Eek! At 8 weeks we told parents and siblings and best friends.

Our best friends let us down the most to be honest... You're mad. You're crazy.. One couple we've barely seen since we told them it's like they're cross with us. If she calls me 'that crazy lady' one more time, I think I'll scream!

We paid for a private early scan as I had to see that it was just one.. And thank god, it was. And, more importantly, everything was fine.

We had the 20 week scan and found out it was another boy, rounding us up to two girls and two boys.. And people's reaction has improved. Saying how clever we were?!?!? School mum friends and some other friends have been so lovely and supportive and ask how I all the time, but I still feel quite sad about our group of best friends... They've really let me down. And, they were meant to be godparents when we get all four kids christened later in the summer.

I'm 35 weeks now, and everyone around us is excited and are being lovely and supportive... I'm really 'feeling the love'!

That couple who I said were cross are still distant and a bit odd... I know there were hoping to fall pregnant this year, the first time for them, so maybe there's some sour grapes, which I kind of understand really.. But it has changed our friendship now, which is shame. Hopefully when the baby's here they'll come round, I'm sure they will, as they're not bad people, they obviously just find it difficult.

Sorry for waffling on, but I do have a point... Thateven though we wanted no4, you still have wobbles here and there, and we still needed to come to 'terms with it', as daft as that sounds.

You always worry crazily about the other 3 and how you're going to be resetting the clock back to zero with a newborn baby in the house, and if it would affect your career etc... Money etc..

But, through all the fog of intense tiredness, sickness, aches and pains, sore boobs in the first trimester.. We somehow got to the 12 week scan and we then told the kids... It was lovely, the girls are so so so excited and ask me everyday how the baby is... And they help me so much with keeping the house tidy with their toys, asking if they could bend down and pick something up.. As my back got quite bad around week 23.. Little boy is none the wiser being 2 yrs, but he's been happy and relatively easy really, such a good boy.

Then, 20 week scan, finding out the sex, and as we had given EVERYTHING away, I started to get it all back in... Second hand , new... And Ive really enjoyed shopping for a little blue boy! I've met up with other pregnant Mums and have a couple of bump buddies, which has been nice. Then, the last few months have flown. And here were are, 5 weeks to go, if that.

tazmo Sun 14-Apr-13 13:12:00

Gr8 you sound so positive! Shame about your friends. Being pg has been well cause of tension amongst my friends. I had ivf first time round but have friends who failed ivf, those who had repeat miscarriages post no 1 and one who has an autistic child. I thought it would bring us closer but sadly not! My parents would go ballistic if I had another - they think we have too many with 3!!! Anyway, hoping my age and map will make it negative!

MissLurkalot Sun 14-Apr-13 14:44:25

Tazmo, I really hope it all works out ok for you.
You certainly get to know who your good friends are, that's for sure.

Becky2406 Mon 15-Apr-13 12:03:32

Hi I'm pregnant with dc 4 also I have 3x dd aged 8,5,4 this one was a shock but now 17 weeks due September I'm starting to get my head round it smile im super exhausted with this baby though I work 5 evenings so its hard. Anyway huge congratulations on yr news smile thanks for starting this tread I was starting to think I was the only one lol

Wickedgirl Mon 15-Apr-13 12:35:04

I am 14 weeks pregnant with baby 4.

I have a dd aged 14. And two boys: 12 and 9. To say that this baby was a surprise is a bit of an understatement!

I am 37 and thought that I was done with babies......clearly not!

I too have had lots of "you must be mad" but I have also had lots of "how wonderful" type comments too. My close friends are really excited at the prospect of lots of newborn cuddles and my older 3 children are all very excited too

MissLurkalot Mon 15-Apr-13 12:39:47

Hokey... I've got some time on my hands.. Would you be happy for me to collate everyone's info, nickname and due date, and put it on here?

SomebodyWillGetHurt Mon 15-Apr-13 13:04:05

Hey wickedgirl. Almost same story as me.
Tazmo if your about let us know how your getting on.
Misslurkalot that's a very good idea. I'm 11 weeks Today!
And..... I've made a doctors appointment! After that I took to my bed to recover from stress.

MissLurkalot Mon 15-Apr-13 13:14:11

Yay, congrats SomebodyWillGetHurt... 'Tis official! Whoop!

SomebodyWillGetHurt Mon 15-Apr-13 13:24:59

It'll be official on Thursday when I see the doc. Have completely forgotten the drill though. Do I just need to bring my positive test or does he need urine to test sugar and stuff. Also... And this is the bad bit.... Last time I saw him ( just after Christmas) it was to book getting my tubes tied. My partner and I have considered all options by now and feel very positive going ahead with it. The shock was immense but we're okay now.

MissLurkalot Mon 15-Apr-13 13:58:06

They will just ask how many tests have you done.. And were they Positive! (Daft question really!)
I doubt they'll do a test for you, but all surgeries are different.
They'll ask you for your first day of your last period, and they'll work out your due date.
They might look up your last appointment and see about your tubes.. And might talk to you about it, but most likely not.

It's like a booking appointment really, just to get you in the system... You'll then get contacted by the midwife and she will most likely come out to you to 'book you in'. That will then start the ball rolling... Labour choices, scan dates etc....

MissLurkalot Mon 15-Apr-13 14:01:31

Hey, it's not the bad bit at all. My OH went to his doctors to talk about the snip. He spoke to the nurse over the phone and even booked an appointment! It was all that that made us think, noooooooo, we want one more! No shame at all.. Don't worry about that aspect.. x

EsmereldaPB Mon 15-Apr-13 14:51:47

Hi, I'm currently 35 weeks with DC4, we have 2 girls 6 (7 the day before my due date) and 20 months and a boy who is 3. Although this baby was very much wanted and planned I've struggled getting my head around it and I still feel like it hasn't really sunk in that we're actually having another one! I think it helps that I'm not uncomfortable, and I think my bump is smaller than it has been in all my other pregnancies so I'm not desperate to get the baby out.

I was worried about people's reactions to the pregnancy but they have all been pretty positive, (I have had my fair hare of "are you mad?" but those have been light-hearted) although I think a lot of people have assumed it wasn't planned.

Wickedgirl Mon 15-Apr-13 15:37:47

Esmerelda....... Why do people feel the need to ask "was it planned?"

Does it matter? As long as the mum to be is happy, surely that's all that counts?

I have happily told my close friends that this baby is a wonderful surprise and that I am excited about it......In return, they seem happy for me and excited too. DH is looking into getting the snip. I really wouldn't want to have another one are this one!

SomebodyWillGetHurt Mon 15-Apr-13 15:46:31

Other peoples reaction... That right there is the hard part. I don't particularly want to deal with that. Dp says we should just tell everyone now and get it over and done with. I'm just not ready for it all.

SomebodyWillGetHurt Mon 15-Apr-13 15:54:57

It seems unreal to hear some of you talking about 35 Weeks! Its like I've forgotten how time/pregnancy works. In my head its like I can't remember how that was. I need a refresher course really.

MissLurkalot Mon 15-Apr-13 17:50:33

Esmerelda.. I'm 35 weeks now. Due 22 May! What's your due date?
It took a while to sink in, but I've been beyond excited for weeks now. No wobbles in sight... Had plenty of those at first.

EsmereldaPB Mon 15-Apr-13 18:25:17

Wickedgirl - to be fair, no-one has asked, but it's just a look they get (I may be being a little unfair to them), my best friend thought it was unplanned cos I sent her the scan pic in an email with the subject Surprise! so she thought I meant it was a surprise to us, rather than it being a surprise for her (we didn't tell amyone we were ttc)

Somebody - don't worry about it, everyone has been pleased for us, I think it's just something a lot of people can't imagine for themselves - a lot of people I know have 2 so 4 is a lot more. Also it seems unreal to me that I'm 35 weeks, I really should start getting stuff organised!

MissLurkalot - I'm due 17 May, but as the others have all been overdue I've told everyone that I'm due at the end of May (so I can avoid all the text/calls/fb comments) and I've said it so many times that I often forget that I am due before then, to my mind I've still got 7 weeks left. I know what you mean about the wobbles I had loads to begin with as well, I'm definitely over them now but it still feels like it hasn't quite sunk in, I think maybe I'm just too busy

MissLurkalot Mon 15-Apr-13 19:01:20

Overdue on them all? That's hardcore! ;-)
I've already had 'have you popped yet?' emails from people as mine were early, apart from the first who was 40 weeks exactly.
Consultant said she would agree to an early induction as little MFN is already 6lbs! We'll see...
I love how you told your friend with the scan photo and email. .

Thinkingof4 Mon 15-Apr-13 19:35:03

Ive been overdue with all mine so far too, I wish I thought of telling everyone due date was a week later than it really was!
Only 3 days over with last 2, 13 days with first confused
so want to avoid that again!!

Wickedgirl Mon 15-Apr-13 19:36:18

How big were your other babies?

Mine were: dd came on her due date, 8lb 15oz
Ds, 9 days early, 9lb 13oz
Ds 3 days early, 9lb 4oz

I am hoping for this one to be a few days early too

MissLurkalot Mon 15-Apr-13 19:51:16

9lb 14oz (ouch!) On due date (28 hrs)
7lb 14oz. 14 days early (yay) (16 hrs)
8lb 2oz. 3 days early (17 hrs)

All kicked off at midnight too!

mooglet Mon 15-Apr-13 21:16:27

Can I join in too? I'm 15 weeks and have DS1 who's 5, DD 3 (4 by the time baby arrives) and DS2 who is 20 months. I have always wanted 4 and am a long-time lurker on the larger family threads, but DH wasn't so sure for a long time. But he's delighted now and the older children are so excited too!

And it's nice to know other people are having four. My family were less than positive initially, although they seem to have come round to the idea now. And friends are excited but also seem to think we're mad. And today was the first day of sun we've had this year and so when I took my coat off on the school run I could sense a lot of people staring at my - already huge - belly!

icravecheese Mon 15-Apr-13 21:23:54

Hi Ladies,
Congrats on your baby no4 pregnancies!
I just wanted to hi-jack your thread slightly....currently got 3 DC - DS (5yo), DD (4yr) & another DD (18months). We umm and ahhh about trying for no.4, our main worry being bedroom space, which sounds like a daft practicality, but how does / will you ladies arrange things when no4 arrives (unless of course you have 5 bed houses)?

We currently have a 3 /4 bed house (3 upstairs bedrooms, then one very large playroom downstairs, that was sold as a very big study / family room or 4th bedroom). Currently, our 5 & 4yo share a room, & 18month old has her own room, but eventually the girls can share and DS could have downstairs room (has its own shower room) when, say he gets to secondary school age.

We don't really want to move as we love our house, but we worry about 2 of the kids sharing long term as they get older.

Are we being daft putting off trying for a 4th just due to this bedroom space thing?

hokeycakey Mon 15-Apr-13 22:21:09

Yy miss lurkalot that would be fab! Must catch up on posts & welcome to the new faces!
Gonna read and post properly later but a list with due dates etc would be great

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