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anyone else pregnant with dc4?

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hokeycakey Tue 09-Apr-13 12:39:24

Hi all

I am 13 weeks 4 days with dc4 I have a ds 5 and 2 dds 3 and 14 months I always sort of wanted 4 but i was surprised to fall so easily with this one as haven't even had a period since having dd in feb 2012

I am very happy to be completing our family but scared about how I will cope with 4 of 6 and under although my standards are so low now it'll probably be ok smile

I feel terrible really sick and tired and halfway through a training course as well so supposed to be doing loads of written work for that..... oh well

Is there anyone else about pregnant with dc4 who wants to chat during our pregnancies?

elliejjtiny Tue 09-Apr-13 12:42:39

I'm 27 weeks with DC4. I've got 4 DS's aged 6, nearly 5 and 2. I know the feeling about being happy but scared. Funny how the scared feelings always happen when my 3 are either being naughty or fighting!

hokeycakey Tue 09-Apr-13 12:48:13

Ha ha!

Lovely to "meet" you you will have to let me know how it goes as you will get there before me!

I also found announcing quite funny this time... dhs mum just said oh right..... thought you might have another one, friends have been very happy for us but lots of double takes and "really's" from people or asking if it was planned!

Do you know what you are having this time?

SomebodyWillGetHurt Tue 09-Apr-13 13:22:52

Hi there. I'm also on number four. Big surprise in this house I can tell you. Still trying to get used to it really. The youngest of my lot Will be 7 and a half when this one arrives!! It'd be nice to have people to talk to about it.

hokeycakey Tue 09-Apr-13 14:07:00

Hello! And good to meet you too congratulations how far on are you?

SomebodyWillGetHurt Tue 09-Apr-13 18:43:43

I've just got past ten weeks. At the moment just thinking about seeing doctor. Becomes very real if I do that doesn't it. How are you getting on with yours now your onto second trimester?

hokeycakey Tue 09-Apr-13 19:05:55

Feeling much better after the dating scan it is definitely real now! I still feel like crap to be fair and struggling with tiredness I think last time I stopped feeling sick about 20 weeks so looking forward to that!

Have you told your other kids yet?

MissLurkalot Tue 09-Apr-13 19:06:35


Congratulations everyone!

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with no.4.

Two girls, 8 yrs and 4 yrs (both at school) and a boy, 2 yrs and we're pregnant with another boy.. So two of each.

Planned, but very much our last! OH had the snip soon after we found out, as takes months and months to 'diffuse' the swimmers!
Infact, he had the snip in September, and the first results came back from his first 'sample' saying 'very high sperm count' still!

I found the first 16 ish weeks hard, what with sickness and super tiredness. But, after seeing the Osteopath, who completely cured my sickness and helped my back pain, I began feeling really good.

I was up and down with worry about having gone for no.4.. My hormones really played havoc, and I, too, had a few little wobbles up to about week 16... But, they've completely passed now. I am so happy, and really excited.

Yes, we had lots of 'you're mad' comments from family and friends... And we don't get much support, as in asking how I am etc.... The school mums in the playground are great though, and have had lots of support from them, which has been lovely.

Since finding out the sex at 20 weeks, people who we tell are more positive, and we had alot more, 'wow, that's clever, two of each'.. So that's been lovely.

The girls are at school and are close and get on, mostly. Our little boy is a happy, easy soul and goes to nursery twice a week, so I get respite whist he's happy playing with his friends.

We're all prepared now, hospital bag packed, and we're all looking forward to meeting our other little man. Still struggling with names though!

SomebodyWillGetHurt Tue 09-Apr-13 21:03:51

We haven't told anyone yet. Kids might tell in school by accident and it's not fair to make them hold that big a secret. It's the tiredness I'm struggling with. I've also discovered what night sickness is! And a host of other things I'd only read about before. But still.... Congrats to us all. We'll get there in the end!

hokeycakey Tue 09-Apr-13 23:12:53

Hello miss lurkalot!
Wow your family sounds lovely and yes very clever to get 2 & 2! I think I have wobbled about how I would cope with every pregnancy it's so hard not to worry about what ifs but I know things change when the real little baby arrives
Blimey your dh must have some strong swimmers I didn't realise it took so long to work, that is the kind of thing my dh would be boasting about smile
Yes def the last for me too
Somebodywillgethurt the sickness is just crap I hate it! We didn't tell the kids till after the scan and now they are proudly telling everyone!

MissLurkalot Wed 10-Apr-13 07:37:34

Sorry to hear about you feeling sick. Why oh why they call it morning sickness. Try not eating your big meal in the evening.. try eating your main meal at lunch. or, have your evening meal as early as you can, giving it time to 'work its way down'... i was mostly sick at night time. Cereal became my evening meal! That on top of the utter exhaustion is hard work

. I know they're not cheap, but do think about seeing an Osteopath. I paid for one half hour session, £40, and the sickness stopped a few hours later.

When I was pregnant with my little boy, I was horrifically sick and lost so much weight. I really struggled in those first few months. The osteopath worked do well, that I was utterly convinced we were having a girl... As I was barely sick with my daughters. I could not believe it when we saw at the 20 week scan is was a boy!

I've been seeing the Osteopath every six weeks during this pregnancy, and he's fixed my lower back that used to go in agonising spasm once in a while. I saw saw him yesterday, my 'penultimate' visit to fix my hips that were really getting sore, stiff and achey from baby growing. A couple of hours later, I wasn't waddling anymore! I've got a spring back in my step!

Once baby is here, I'll take him in too to get him to look at both of us after labour, then, I'll only have to see him every six months or once a year for a mot!

I WISH I discovered him with my previous pregnancies.

I think we told the kids at the 12 week scan. We were telling most people then. I found it hard to keep it a secret. Big blabber mouth I am!


hokeycakey Sat 13-Apr-13 11:24:28

Miss lurkalot thanks for the tips the osteopath does sound like a magic bullet!

We have just had a horrible d & v bug in the house so actually plain old morning sickness doesn't seem so bad anymore!

I can't decide whether to find out the sex at the scan this time I never have before but kind of feel why not? I would love to find out so far we have dS & 2dds so another girl would be fab for the dds but part of me would like another boy but really will be happy regardless I sort of can't imagine having a boy again!

Do any of you have names picked out already?

Hope everyone is well

bigbelly4 Sat 13-Apr-13 11:38:11


Im 27 weeks with no 4, very much planned but happened much quicker than anticipated! Have Ds x2 8 and 5 and Dd nearly 7 - All three at school now so had the whole "OMG what do i do? I NEEEEEED another one".

TBH we always wanted 4 but got a bit sidetracked when we had 3 under 3 - which was lovely but bloody hard work (Didnt realise it at the time though!) So really looking forward to having a bigger gap this time - and children are all really excited and keen!

Dont know what flavour we are having so a nice suprise, as the others were!

Razzdazz Sat 13-Apr-13 15:16:28

Number 4 here too!!! BIG shock as had a coil in!!! Have 2x ds aged 12 and 13 months and dd aged 10. Will be 17 months between my youngest and baby. My biggest bug at the moment is finding a new car to fitus all in plus a double buggy and all the bits and bobs!!! wink

Mummysaysno Sat 13-Apr-13 15:16:41

Hello! Yes another one here. My three are 8, 6, 5 so this is my little treat to myself I guess...the others were all such a blur!!

Gave away all our baby stuff and at 32 weeks still need to buy the basics for baby!

This is the hardest pregnancy of the lot...I feel older, had more complications.

However, when I allow myself to imagine that moment of holding a newborn again...can't help but feel so very excited!!

hokeycakey Sat 13-Apr-13 16:47:44


Lovely there are so many of us!

Yes the car! Suddenly everything gets complicated! I have always used a phil & teds double buggy which has been great for me hopefully it will last another one got it 2nd hand on eBay

Thinkingof4 Sat 13-Apr-13 18:46:58

I'm 28 weeks with no4. I have 3 boys who will be 6, nearly 4 and just 2 when baby arrives. I don't know what we're having but everyone seems obsessed that we might have a girl this time! I'm not bothered either way but kind of sure it will be another boy. Definitely planned but happened first month of trying.
First trimester was hard in terms of tiredness but generally been really well so far, fx it continues like this.
Most people have responded in terms of 'are you mental?' etc but we always knew this was the likely response from most people.
Car seats are a bit of an issue we have a multimac in my car so will be able to fit all 4 in, but not sure what we are going to do about dh's car (he does pick ups from childminder on days I work)
We will work something out before then I suppose!!

Thinkingof4 Sat 13-Apr-13 18:48:33

Ps I really need to change my username don't I! I'm well past the thinking stage now grin

SomebodyWillGetHurt Sat 13-Apr-13 21:36:19

Hi again. I see the club is getting bigger. I've been working and studying over past few days. But.... Tiredness seems to have turned a corner!! Am feeling like I can see a light at the end of the first trimester tunnel. So interesting to hear from people so much further along. To hear you all sounding so happy and positive gives me strength! Thank you.

MissLurkalot Sat 13-Apr-13 22:14:12

Had the final growth scan on Thursday. Little man is already 6lbs and I'm just about 35 weeks!!
Consultant said she would induce me early if I wanted it.
Not sure about being induced... My other three labours all started naturally. We'll see....
Name wise. I've found a couple more that we like...
Rufus, Josef, and Henri.

LovesTheChoas3 Sat 13-Apr-13 22:35:23

Hi Ladies, I am nearly 10 weeks pregnant with DC #4 I have 3 DS 5,7 & 9. Would be thrilled with another boy even if people do keep telling me i must want a girl!!
I must say it's nice to see im not the the only crazy one having #4 all my friends think i am mad haha

SomebodyWillGetHurt Sat 13-Apr-13 22:40:11

I think it's great your consultant is giving you all the options for you to decide. I'm hoping as it's no 4 they might assume I know what I'm doing!

tazmo Sat 13-Apr-13 22:54:06

Hello thread inspiring. We had morning after pill but constipated and this only happens when am pg. hope went not but do not want to get rid if i am. We have 3 - all under 5! I still have a week before I know 4 sure. But I hope we r not from financial, age and practical perspective but too early to test! Tho if am, hope I can find peace with it!

SomebodyWillGetHurt Sat 13-Apr-13 23:52:18

Tazmo- you might be constipated because of morning after pill or stress. How long till you can test? An early one will do the job would it? First response type?

BookwormBetty Sun 14-Apr-13 00:13:26

Been searching for a thread about 4th pregnancy so thanks for starting this one :-) and good luck everyone.

tazmo I'm in the same position as you! Took morning after pill last Saturday but convinced I was ovulating and that it hasn't worked. Do u feel pregnant? I knew straight away with my 3rd and feel the same way now - though it may be my mind playing tricks. I have 3 boys under 5 so not quite ready for another one yet!

Did anyone else just know they were expecting before doing a test?

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