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Slapped cheek??

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Pinkbump3 Tue 09-Apr-13 12:38:25

Yesterday I found out 2 of my friends children have it and I spend a huge amount of time with them. According to nhs site etc you need to contact GP esp before 20 weeks as it can cause miscarriage. I called gp today and the receptionist called me back to say he said there is absolutely nothing to worry about! How can he say this he has no idea if I'm immune or not! I don't know what to do now as I'm really worried but I do know their is nothing they can give you for it. I'm 17 weeks so now in fear of miscarriage or baby having problems sad

MyNameIsAnAnagram Tue 09-Apr-13 12:41:20

Speak to your MW, I was exposed too (DS got it) and I got a blood test to check immunity. Very likely you are already immune, most people have had it, so try not to worry. If when the bloodtest comes back you are not immune they will monitor you with extra scans etc to check how the baby is doing.

Pinkbump3 Tue 09-Apr-13 12:51:58

Thank you that is good to know. I'm sure my dd had it when she was small she is now 12 so I hope I'm immune. I will call my mw and speak to her X

sparkle12mar08 Tue 09-Apr-13 13:04:27

I had slapped cheek when pregnant with ds2. It is extremely serious and you should consider complaining to the practice manager when you have time. As you say, call your midwife immediately and ask for a blood test to check your immunity. I got mine from my ds1 who had a sub clinical case and he got it from another child at his childminders. I was 18 weeks when exposed and 19+ when we realised that's what ds1 had. My midwife arranged a blood test for me as a priority, neither of us expecting anything to come of it - slapped cheek is very common in childhood and something like 60-70% of adults are immune. As it turned out, not only was I not immune, I had a full blown immunological response going on - I had slapped cheek myself. Net result was fortnightly scans with a consultant for 10 weeks. Thankfully he was fine but it was a concerning time.

Petcat Tue 09-Apr-13 13:16:35

Hi Pink

Please do seek proper medical help for this - your midwife or the antenatal ward at your hospital need to know ASAP. Slapped cheek is usually harmless but if you have contracted it you will need extra monitoring to ensure your baby is OK.

I was exposed to slapped cheek because my sister, niece and nephew all had it when I was 18 weeks pregnant. The information on the NHS website terrified me, but it's worth bearing in mind around 50% of people are immune, and even if you're not it doesn't mean you will have caught it. Even if you do, the chances of your baby developing serious complications like hydrops are really quite low.

The antenatal clinic at my local hospital were absolutey brilliant. I had to go through a month of blood tests, with lots of anxious waiting. After a fortnight I found out I am not immune to the virus, but it took another two weeks to know I hadn't caught it, despite lots of close contact with people who had.

I really hope you have the same outcome. It is stressful and worrying while you're being tested but I have read a lot about it and can assure you the risks of anything bad happening to your baby are really very small.

harleyd Tue 09-Apr-13 13:29:41

like others have said, chances are you will be immune. but you do need to ring now and get an appointment made for a blood test to be sure.
my test results came back within a week, according to my doctor around 70% of people are immune

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