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Membrane Sweep

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Holly2013 Mon 08-Apr-13 20:36:44

Hey guys
Just wanted to share my experience of my 1st membrane sweep today and get a little reassurance too I guess. Today I am 40 weeks pregnant and 4 days. I have had the most perfect pregnancy so wanted to hold out for a completely natural start of labour but i guess constant "is their any signs yet" from family and friends and my partner starting his paternity leave today put me under a little pressure so I went ahead and agreed to a sweep.
At 10am today I had my 1st membrane sweep to try and get things going. At 1st inspection the midwife said that my cervix was still closed and long but that she would just try and manipulate the area until she could fit a finger into my cervix and then manipulate the area. I had read up on membrane sweeps before and was aware of the pros and cons but was mostly afraid of the possible pain involved. I found the procedure to be very invasive and rough (not necessarily painful) and now totally regret having it done. I felt off and emotional as soon as we left and then cried as soon as we got home. Since the sweep this morning I had slight pains very high down below where the cervix had obviously been irritated and then a few twinges and pressure below but no other signs other than being an emotional wreck now. I am scheduled to have another sweep the day after tomorrow but feel pretty strongly that I want to hold out for labour to naturally progress and skip any further sweeps in case they set me off again
Did anyone else have a similar wobble?

LadyMedea Mon 08-Apr-13 21:18:51

Did they give a reason why they wanted to bring on labour? Seems a bit early for intervention, particularly if you want a physiological birth.

For a summary of the research [

8 women need to have their membranes swept for one to avoid induction. Brings forward onset of labour on average by three days.

There is also doubt on the value of the procedure given that women do often find it traumatic

It would be my choice only after 40+10 to avoid chemical intervention but even then I might not as I'm not convinced its effective enough to be worth it.

LadyMedea Mon 08-Apr-13 21:21:16

Sorry total link fail... Just can't get it to work

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