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sex towards end of pregnancy

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sianilovesbeingamummy Mon 08-Apr-13 12:22:40

having not had sex for the past 2 weeks with my partner, i havent had much of a sex drive and plus we have both been full of a cold and he works irregular hours........ last night we decided to have some us time...... at 36 weeks pregnant i know sex is going to be uncomfortable but i noticed that when he was inside me, sorry TMI, i fekt as though i really had no room for him..... usually i have a nice feeling of him and can feel flutters around my bellybutton during intercourse but it was just really strange last night..... i told him about it and we both had a giggle about the feeling, him saying he doesn't want to push to hard etc....... is this normal? i also feel as though i may go into labour early with this littlen, although she is measuring small for dates so i am hoping i wont but i have been having alot of pressure the past couple of weeks and the increse in bowel movements is unreal...... what did you all experience in the last few weeks of pregnancy and were any signs followed by early labour?

glossyflower Mon 08-Apr-13 13:16:25

I'm now 38 weeks and we last had sex a couple of weeks ago. I must admit I was quite uncomfortable with bump being in the way and being more breathless and tired as usual.
It doesn't feel the same as pre pregnancy and I put it down to baby putting pressure on everywhere else, although baby is nicely tucked away from the action!
Sex also brings on my Braxton hicks so I'm avoiding it if I can purely because BH are getting painful. (I'm a wuss!)

sianilovesbeingamummy Mon 08-Apr-13 21:14:01

lol...... thanks for you experience. I am having uncomfortable BH tonight but i think it is more to do with continuous walking today..... not suite sure why i have walked so much i just decided that exercise would be a good idea but i seemed to power walk with my littlen in his buggy rather than strolling, again, i don't know why i was going quite so fast, i just couldnt stop myself.... regretting it now though as i just cannot get comfortable at all..... i have tried a bath but that hasn't eased anything and i have just taken some paracetamol as i am having continuous headaches too.... seeing consultant on wednesday so as babby is moving around quite happily i am not panicing just yet,lol..... may get them to check things over for me, a littlemore thorough than normal,lol xxx good luck with your birth huni xx

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