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Yet another pregnancy complication moan moan moan

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glossyflower Mon 08-Apr-13 11:59:09

38 weeks and I now have glucose in my urine... A month ago my midwife picked up on sugar in my urine, she took a glucose blood sample and that came back fine.
Last week I saw my new midwife who picked up sugar in my urine but as my previous blood sample was ok she didn't seem concerned. She just asked what I had eaten that day - cereal, cup of tea and a choc bar until
I saw her at 1pm.
Today, I thought I'd test my own as I have testing strips and have 3 +++ glucose which is a moderate amount.
I'd eaten a bowl of cereal and a cup of tea (1 and half sugars).
I have always had a very fast metabolism and need to eat little as often, if I don't I feel very weak like when my body needs sugar. This has been more pronounced in the later stages of pregnancy and need to eat every two or three hours.
I don't see midwife again until 39 weeks (next week).
Anyone else experienced this?

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