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Lack of pregnancy symptoms ..

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anibell Mon 08-Apr-13 10:58:20

Hi, I have had 2 children previously, and with both suffered with morning sickness, frequent need to pee, very sore areola's, tiredness etc etc etc. I ahve taken 4 tests and all came back positive with clear blue digi test, saying 3 plus. I only had a suspision because I did not have my period and have been perfectly to the day with every period since I had my last child. Problem is (or not such a problem maybe?) I have had NO symptoms at all, no need to pee, no sore/tender breasts/areola, no tiredness, no headaches etc etc etc. The only symptom i have is a missed period. According to my cycle, I should be approx 7 weeks today. By now with my other 2 kids, I was sleeping all the time and couldn't even sit in the car due to seat belt hurting boobs! sad Has anyone else been in this situation before? I googled lack of symptoms (worst thing i could do really) and I kept finding threads on possible miscarrige or something being wrong with baby. I have my first appointment booked in for next friday, which will make me almost 9 weeks. Anibell

HazleNutt Mon 08-Apr-13 11:30:17

I'm pregnant with first, but had a mc just before. Tons of symptoms with the mc one - morning sickness from before I saw the test, tired etc. With this one - almost nothing, and I'm 29 weeks now. So no, I don't think lack of symptoms itself is anything to worry about, you might just be lucky.

anibell Mon 08-Apr-13 13:10:59

Hi, thanks for your reply, It's reassuring to read that you are now well on your way through your current healthy pregnancy. I guess I must be lucky this time (makes up for all the sickiness last time!) I'm sorry to hear you previously miscarried and the fact that your symptoms where stronger last time than even at all this time shows every pregnancy can differ. Even if you have been through it before. Thank you smile and Good luck to you.

Slippysnow Mon 08-Apr-13 21:26:23

Hiya, just wanted to post to say I am in the same boat. I'm hoping its pure luck, but after having symptoms including really sore boobs, constant need to wee, constant thirst and back ache between week 3-6. I have nothing. I was sick for one week but only once a day if that.

I've been reassured lots by reading other mumsnetters' experiences, the other thing my dp says is how many women go late into pregnancies without knowing they were pregnant!
Needless to say I'm very nervous about my scan next week.
Hope everything works out for you - let's try not to worry about this together and be thankful if we are just getting off lightly smile

anibell Mon 15-Apr-13 11:45:33

Thanks for your support Slippysnow! :p I am around 8 weeks today, and have an appointment to book in with a midwife on Friday. I STILL have no symptoms. I feel a little bloated, but then I usually do anyway due to IBS. I had some period type cramping a few days ago that felt more twingy than crampy, so i'm getting nervous about having a scan as well. Hopefully I will have a date for one by the end of the week smile Thank you for your optimism! I'm having a really good day today and feeling very awake and bright so hopefully I too am just lucky ... I agree, we are getting off VERY lightly LOL. Please keep me updated with your your symptoms etc? I like you happy style smile

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