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2nd trimester spotting - constant peachy/pinkish discharge - panicking!!!

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nycrose Sun 07-Apr-13 14:28:15

Dear all ladies,

Has anyone has/had the same symptoms with me but is fine/not fine in the end? :

I am first time mom currently 19+2day. I started to feel Braxton Hicks contractions very early on in pregnancy (from 13wk) and started to notice light peach coloured discharge on my pads from 14 weeks onwards. Now 4 weeks on, the discharge is just not going away, the colour is getting more pinkish than when it started. The discharge comes out mostly in the mornings and evenings, 3-4 times a day, not a lot each time. No odour.

I freaked out so much since 15wk and since had two scans. Everything looks normal so far, cervix closed and long. Virginal swaps all clear. Doctors don't seem concerned saying unless its bright red bleeds - but by then it'll be too late isn't it?

I am desperate for any info from you ladies - please help!!! Many many thanks xxx

WildeRumpus Sun 07-Apr-13 22:57:27

Call your mw again if you are worried, is all you can do to be reassured. I have had bleeding throughout too - started peachy and got redder and more of it and was finally diagnosed with a cervical ectropion at 22 weeks. Now am 34 weeks and freaked out that I haven't had any bleeding for two weeks!

Do call them. They will want to hear from you. And the point of my post was to reassure you that red blood does not mean it is too late at all but can, as in my case, be completely fine. Hopefully your bleeding will simply stop soon - good luck smile

clabsyqueen Sun 07-Apr-13 23:09:43

I had spotting from 14 weeks up to about 20 weeks (now 24 weeks). For a few days it was bright red and quite a bit more than spotting. I called the maternal assessment centre had to go in to have anti-d as I am rhesus negative but they weren't at all concerned. Totally normal they said and around 20% of women have unexplained bleeding. At my 20 week scan the sonographer (consultant) said he could see that I'd had a bleed from my placenta but that it happened all the time and was nothing to worry about. Bright red blood does mean its all over ( I googled second trimester bleeding to death) I hope you can relax.

atrcts Sun 07-Apr-13 23:17:10

I've been bleeding every week (almost) since week 13. I am now 27 weeks.

Often 1 or 2 days it is bright red, followed by 1 or 2 days pink and/or brown. Because I'm rhesus negative I have had LOADS of anti D injections because the cover only lasts 2 weeks.

They're more concerned if its red in case it's a placental tear for example, but they only really worry after 24 weeks when the foetus is viable and there is something they can actually do to save a life if needs be.

In my case they think the placenta may have torn a bit but not recently because the foetal cells detected in my blood test have not increased over the months of bleeding. They also think that my cervix is a probable cause as I've had a LLETZ procedure in the past and pregnancy can make the tissue much more fragile than normal - similar to having a nose bleed which is common in pregnancy.

It is worth updating your midwife with each bleed though incase there is a new reason for the bleed. In my case they were assuming it was just the cervix until the foetal cells were showing in my blood, which then showed that there was also another reason at the same time - double whammy!

Hope it stops for you - mine subsided at 23 weeks and has only been pink or brown for a day or 2 every 10-20 days since. It's a shame we're not getting the benefit of no bleeding in pregnancy as that's one of the lovely bonuses normally! Main thing is baby is checked and fine. Good luck to you in that respect too smile

nycrose Mon 08-Apr-13 14:03:40

Thank you ladies for your input!! I was relieved to know that there are women out there (although not a lot) who have the same issues with me. I have since being on bed rest (but I still cook etc) basically taking it easy. The volume of my spotting and colour seem to be less that the day I went to work for 10hrs. I suspect there is something to be with how much I move...? Did you take time off work when spotting getting worse and for how long?

atrcts - I had a LLETZ too about 5yrs ago! I don't have the Rh problem - but what is the blood test that you had to exam fetal cells in blood? What purpose is this for? Did you get it on NHS or private?

I'll have my 20wk scan this Friday so will update you ladies...hope all is well with you allsmile

atrcts Mon 08-Apr-13 14:24:28

The blood test was NHS and was to a Kleihauer lab test to check whether I still needed the Anti D because I'd been having it every 2 weeks and apparently sometimes it can still be effective longer, so rather than stab me unnecessarily they tested to see if I had any antibodies or Anti-D still knocking about. It was in that blood test they saw foetal cells, so they stumbled on it quite by accident. Had I not been rhesus negative then I'd have not been tested at that point. I doubt they would have done the test later because I wouldn't have fit the guidelines for it (not my hospital but I suspect the policies are probably much the same ).

I found that resting made the bleed subside too, but apart from being soooooo boring!!!!!! I have a toddler to deal with on a daily basis so being off my feet is nigh on impossible. If you've had a LLETZ they might assume that's where the bleed is from, especially as some people who have never had any surgery to the cervix can bleed (often post-sex).

A red bleed isn't "too late" though. Of course it should be treated seriously because there is a risk to both mother and baby but it all depends on the reason for the bleed and so I would check regularly that they're still aware.

Good luck with the bleeding subsiding smile

BraveLilBear Mon 08-Apr-13 15:31:59

SOunds stressful - no experience here (fortunately) but is there a chance you have a low lying placenta? At my 20 week scan, the sonographer seemed surprised that I hadn't had any bleeding because my placenta was quite low. But then you'd have thought they'd have checked for that at your previous scans.

Keep your midwives updated, and good luck.

WildeRumpus Mon 08-Apr-13 17:12:00

I rested with mine but it made no difference. Made me feel like I was.doing something tho smile

After 20 weeks the mws were significantly.more gung ho about seeing me if I had any red bleeding so do talk to them, lord knows it is worth it just to be reassured! Good luck at your scan!

nycrose Mon 08-Apr-13 21:54:48

than you atrcts! i will write this down...I'm sure NHS will not offer me this since I don't have Rh issue..but if things get worse I know there is this test that can provide some cluesmile Did you take any meds or been treated when the bleeds were bad? Or they just subsided without any treatment?

WildeRumpus - how did you diagnosed with a cervical ectropion? I've had a couple of transviginal scans but they didn't mention anything like this only telling me my cervix is still closed and normal length. Did you receive any treatment/meds? or your bleeds just subsided naturally?

BraveLilBear - I did have a slightly low laying placenta at 14wk scan but it went up by 18wk scan. However I got the reddest spotting at 19+2 which doesn't make sense at all and I freaked out...sad..

I never thought pregnancy can be this hard...everyone says the 1st trimester is hard b/c morning sickness etc which I had none. The 2nd trimester seems a never ending journey of scares, spotting, contractions (yes I have up to 40 BH contractions a day from 15wk) and hospital visits. I envoy those of you who are sailing through the 'best' phase of pregnancy. Thank you ladies for being here with me...xx

atrcts Mon 08-Apr-13 22:21:31

No I didn't take any medication, just took it upon used to rest more while having red bleeds.

Around 16 weeks we had a 2 week sex ban and no lifting or housework, walking too far etc. this was lifted after a transvaginal ultrasound showed the cervix length was 2.8cm so no need to worry there. It hasn't been checked since mind you! They're checking in regular scans for placental insufficiency (baby growth scans) in case there's a silent tear. But it's calmed down to just watery pink when I get it now, and it's no longer every week. (am 28 weeks end of this week).

atrcts Mon 08-Apr-13 22:25:51

Oh and u was due or a post LLETZ smear but being pregnant couldn't have it - so they looked at me in colposcopy and said the cervix is a real mess, scar tissue still not healed correctly etc, but they don't know if it's due to pregnancy making the cervix look much worse than normal (hormones; vascular vessels making it swollen etc), so they will review again after i give birth. At least there were no new precancerous cells seen anyway!

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