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Consultant tomorrow - what can I say to convince them?!

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Piercy Sun 07-Apr-13 11:02:15


1st time mum now 40+4 and I have suffered with sciatica for weeks now.

Last Thursday/Friday night it came to a head I was in agony with it and just watched the clock go round again - I'm so tired and baby isn't even here yet - and last night awake at 0120 finally dropped off again on the sofa at around 0600. At one point I wanted to cry.

My hips/pelvis lock, my back locks, the pain wakes me in the night nothing i do makes me comfortable, I end up pains down my legs, knees I've got cramp in my calf muscles in the night that also wakes me if the sciatica doesn't. When I go to get out of bed I must look about 90 years old to try and get my body moving again.

I rang the community midwife number on Friday morning she advised I can't be putting up with this -ring the hospital get an appointment with a consultant for that day and get a plan together.

Rang hospital midwife OK but very reluctant to give me a consultant appointment finally got one for tomorrow. I also have to ring the community midwife line again tomorrow for a sweep.

So I'm thinking go for the sweep anyway it might set things off see the consultant - they'll know I've been for a sweep it will be in my notes but I don't want them to "poo poo" me - what can I say to convince them if this sweep doesn't work I need a plan I can't go on for this for another week and a half as my hospital let you go 12 days over.

Any fab suggstions apart from the consultant being faced with a women that is on the edge!!


BabyHMummy Sun 07-Apr-13 14:45:55

Tell them straight that us is causing you too much pain and you are becoming depressed...they will have to do something fairly fast.

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