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Weight gain, made me worry...

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Mawgatron Sat 06-Apr-13 10:37:49

Hi all.
Had midwife appt yesterday, I'm 29+6. She weighed me at the surgery and it said I was 85 kilos (13 and a bit stone). She had me down as 70 at my booking appt so was a little bit stern with me about weight gain as apparently I have gained the maximum recommended weight for a full pg, with 10 weeks to go.

The thing is, I'm tall ( 5.9), so wasn't really big before hand (12 tops 14 bottoms), I don't feel like I look big, except my bump which is huge (measured yest, and she told me it is larger than average size), and the original weight measurement was done by me, from memory of my last weight measurement at home (different scales and I may have underestimated a little). All the way through this pg I have been pretty relaxed, avoided scales as I am obv going to gain weight etc, but now she has made me paranoid blush. Apparently she is going to weigh me again in 2 weeks and I am feeling really conscious about eating now.

I refuse to diet, but don't want to be worrying about weight for the next ten weeks, just looking for some reassurance really. Thanks in advance ladies!

Ellypoo Sat 06-Apr-13 10:54:14

Honestly, I really wouldn't worry about it - I got weighed by MW at booking in but then not again, there is no need for this.
Every woman & every pg is diff, you could be just retaining more water or growing a big baby, neither of which will be affected by your diet.
I would try to forget what the MW said and just carry on as you were - try to eat a healthy balanced diet and not worry too much x

Petcat Sat 06-Apr-13 11:00:05

Are you in the UK? Pretty sure routine weighing in pregnancy isn't usually recommended precisely for the reasons you've experienced. It causes anxiety in the mother and has no obvious clinical benefits. Most potential weight-related complications are routinely tested for anyway - your blood pressure and glucose for example.

Fwiw I probably weighed the same as you at the start of my pregnancy and I am a good half a foot shorter than you are. I haven't weighed myself since 12 weeks and feel so much happier for it. I've tried to eat well but haven't gone hungry and now have absolutely no idea what I weigh. I am still my pre-preg size in maternity clothes and have low BP and no signs if GD. I think weighing yourself in pregnancy is a recipe for anxiety and yet another thing to worry about. I'll deal with any extra weight I may have gained once baby is here safe and well.

Hope you can just continue to eat healthily and not let this incident stress you out. Please don't restrict your diet during this crucial time in your baby's development. There's plenty of time for weigh-ins and weightloss once baby is here. Good luck!

Mawgatron Sat 06-Apr-13 13:02:10

Thanks ladies! I was exactly the same petcat, just not worried about weight. I never used to pre pg either, even before I got married I didn't diet, I just did more exercise! Def am not going to diet now. Maybe just try and stop eating sweeties...

She made me feel shitty about it, and it is so not like me to be fussed about weight. It's irritating tbh...

jumpinghoops Sat 06-Apr-13 13:49:39

I had this with my first pregnancy, I was 5'8 and 60kg at the start, 80kg by the end. I got weighed at every appt. (and dreaded it) but it was only the doctor who commented on it negatively. For what it's worth I had a big baby (4.5 kg) and lost all the weight in maybe 4-5 months. This time around I was the same start weight and am currently hitting 80kg again at 39 +1. I for one find it almost impossible to avoid choc + cake in the final trimester and therefore adopt a healthy meals and 1/2 small sweet treats a day approach.

Try not to give yourself a hard time or stress too much, you sound like you have a wholly sensible approach to life and yr diet!

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