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Uncomfortable ALL the time- 2nd preg.

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1Baby1Bump Thu 11-May-06 22:05:45

I seem to never be comfy this time round- in bed, sitting, standing.
All across my lower stomach aches and my back too with sciatica like pain but all over my lower back- not in one spot then running down my leg this time. I feel as though my baby is resting on my legs all the time!
Just being awake is uncomfortable.
I am just 6 months so have a lot of time left yet. Im afraid the baby is huge already as I am pretty big.
Ds was 9lb9.5 and i am going to be scanned at 36weeks to see how bg this one is and they may induce me as necessary.
Do you think I'm ok? Or should I book in to see midwife?
tia for any help!

MamaG Thu 11-May-06 22:07:42

I felt like you with my second preg, and DS was only 4lbs heavier than first baby, so try not to worry.

To put your mind at rest, you could pop in to see midwife, but I do think its normal - remember you are running about after another child so I think you will be more achey and tired generally.


1Baby1Bump Thu 11-May-06 22:09:41

did you notice you seemed to be carrying lower 2nd time?
Do u think it might be linked to my knackered tummy muscles unable to hold this one as high. ds is only ten months!
got preg again quickly!

MamaG Thu 11-May-06 22:18:27

Yes, I did carry lower - but DD was almost 4 when I got preg!!

I def think it could be linked to tummy muscles though, if your DS is only 10 months

sarahlou1uk Tue 16-May-06 18:46:58

1Baby.... that's exactly how I feel! If I sit still too long then I get sciatica down my right leg and I look funny trying to walk! It's a good job my ds is fully potty trained and can go on his own - it would take me a good 10 minutes to get to the bathroom to help him! At night, the 'bump' decides to start waking up and if I try and lay on my left side, starts kicking me relentlessly until I move position. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.. It wasn't like this the first time round.

jersey Wed 17-May-06 10:55:30

Hi I have the same, uncomfortable but the baby seems to be all between my belly button and tops of legs. Sometimes feels like I am trapping a foot or something when leaning forward. My DS is 22 months and I am 31 weeks.

I had bad sciatica this time as well which luckly seems to have gone now.

I was told a lot of the aches and pains would go when I go to 28 weeks as the hormones change then. They were right!!!! So fingers crossed for you.

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