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Birthday dilemma (trivial!)

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Blankiefan Sat 06-Apr-13 07:43:27

My birthday is coming up and I don't know what I should do to celebrate. DH & I always do something nice for our b'days (city break, spa trip, kayaking, etc). The plan (pre-preggers) was to go sailing (something I've done previously but not for ages) but I'm 9+2 now and think my all-day queasiness doesn't really need sea-sickness on top.... (it's not cheap either and I don't want to commit to something expensive I won't enjoy).

I've thought about a few things but they don't seem that do-able when I feel like this:
- spa - I could have a treatment but don't see the point in going to a lovely spa if you can't use the jacuzzi / steam room /etc
- cooking class - could totally make me want to hurl
- drive to a nice beach somewhere - long drives aren't great for me currently (& I have to do loads for work which is bad enough)

So - I appreciate this isn't the worst dilemma ever (and that I'm being a bit moany) but I thought I'd ask the collective wisdom on MN for ideas for a nice day out. I'll be about 11 weeks with first child on my b'day and this should be my last child-free b'day.... Any ideas?

HappyAsASandboy Sat 06-Apr-13 07:49:45

Spa and lovely dinner and hotel room. You will enjoy the spa despite not using the jacuzzi/steam room - facial, manicure, swim, sit about reading magazine, another swim smile

That kind of day is difficult once you have a baby. Not just because you have to arrange to be away for the day (which can be hard), but because you're too tired to enjoy it and end up sleeping instead!

Have a lovely time, whatever you do smile

Florin Sat 06-Apr-13 07:52:13

We went sailing to the BVI's when I was about 20 weeks pregnant and had a fab time. I missed being able to have the cocktails but I joined in with everything else. Stayed in one resort which offered hobie cat racing which my husband and I did and won!

givemeaclue Sat 06-Apr-13 08:03:37


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