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non labour pains at 40+2

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olympicvibes Sat 06-Apr-13 04:21:53

Well for those who are up, just that really. I've had the baby pressing on pelvic nerve ending pains for weeks and weeks, the stabbing knife in fanjo variety-lovely!

But they are actually getting incredibly painful now, and it feels like the baby is moving so much it is not engaged anymore but back to transverse/horizontal at times ( he was until a few weeks back for much of the time)Is that possible? I guess I am just having a moan/ getting the fear and wondering how I will be once labour kicks in!!
The baby is really active still and when it moves now, it just hurts so much. Did anyone else have the same? It's my first pregnancy. I've had on off back pains for the last 3 days and b-hicks aplenty, just false starts.
Anyway on the gym ball now, at 4.15 am, knowing labour hasn't kicked in but feeling kicked to bits! Anyone understand any of what I am saying?!

Knittingnovice Sat 06-Apr-13 04:47:53

I'm only 37+2 but have been up pretty much every night for the last three weeks between 2am and 6pm with braxton hicks, back pain and baby going mad.
Easter weekend involved 2 dashes to the delivery suite due to proper contractions, both times they tailed off after about 8-10 hours and went back to being braxtons.

Combined with arranging childcare for a 4 & 3 year old when dashing to hospital and having to deal with them on about 3 hours sleep while they are on Easter holidays and a DH who started a new job last Tuesday which means he works away during the week now I am seriously considering begging for an early induction when I have my next appointment.

I hate bouncing on my ball with a passion and tv at this time of night is crap and my concentration is not good enough to catch up on all I have sky plussed sad

If you are 40+2 you are probably closer to meeting your baby than I am mine though so look on the positive smile

WeeHans Sat 06-Apr-13 05:27:50

I'm here with you, bouncing, eating pineapple, and drinking raspberry leaf tea. 40+2, you're not alone!

I'm not fed up about being overdue, but like you the baby has been heaps more active in the past two days and the pain in my pelvis and hips makes sleeping hard. As does toilet trip once an hour.

I hope you are ok?

olympicvibes Sat 06-Apr-13 13:38:39

Thanks and sorry for not replying last night, I managed to get to sleep. I'm feeling much more positive today anyway after a few hours of good sleep.
Knittingnovice you definitely have a lot more on your plate than me. Hope that the pains settle down...Easter sounds like it was exhausting. Also now that your dh is working away during week, wuill you have others who can help out in first weeks at least? Will he have paternity leave?
Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

WeeHans we are same date smile. It is reassuring to know that your baby has been more active, I thought they would settle a bit at this stage! Sounds like pains are all normal part of last few weeks.. Thanks for replying. I guess I was worried that baby could get itself into a sily position again, but if there isn't any sign by Tuesday the mw wants to do a sweep. Glad you aren't fed up!! Thanks.


Knittingnovice Sat 06-Apr-13 18:27:33

Luckily DH has just changed roles within his company so still gets his paternity leave.
I've got people on call for next week incase anything happens and a lovely friend is babysitting when I have my appointment on Monday.
I am going to beg for a sweep on Monday and then a date for induction and if that fails I have a birth trauma midwife I can contact if I feel out of control.

I know that even though DH ( who had the lie in til 10 this morning) let me have a couple if hours sleep this afternoon, I'll still be up around 2am as the co codamol I am taking for back pain wears off around then sad

Good luck ladies, let me reiterate - you will probably get to meet your babies before me

Knittingnovice Mon 08-Apr-13 17:55:25

Hope you ladies are doing well.

Had a consultant appointment today (I was supposed to be Low Risk until a couple of weeks ago when I had some glucose in my urinesad) and she has decided that as the diabetic nurse I saw last week has not done anything she was supposed to do (ie monitor my sugar levels : which have been fine in my blood, or look for signs of future diabetes) she wants to induce me at 38 weeks. So I have come back from the hospital with an induction date for Thursday and the knowledge that I should be cuddling my squishy little newborn by this time next week. I didn't even have to beg.grin

But hang in there everyone it will all be over soon

olympicvibes Tue 09-Apr-13 21:39:24

Ooh good luck and all the best for Thursday! Midwife tried but couldn't do a sweep today so they will come out on Sunday to try again. Baby still super active and lovely sharp pains are there but no contractions, no nothing! Glad you got the outcome you wanted without having to ask. I think you may meet your little one before I meet mine! All the best smile

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