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Could I be...? What do you think?!

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coulditbe90skid Fri 05-Apr-13 22:31:49

Had intercourse around new years, had 3 'periods' since then, the first was 5 days after intercourse and was 4 days late, most recent was 2 weeks late and only 3 days long with different flow patterns(?!) to usual, all much lighter and shorter than usual.

Always very regular (like clockwork) except above mentioned.

I am pretty sure im not pregnant as ive had periods and not other major symptoms although its always in the back of my head!- but saying that i do have much more oily skin, back (and knee?) aches and eating A LOT, mood swings worse than usual, either have lots of energy or no energy, achey boobs and strange tummy aches that can last days ect (but that could just all be me naturally!)

I have taken 1 test a week or so ago, which said negative, although I think I urinated on it longer than the 5 seconds by accident(could this have changed the result?) Is it worth testing again or am I being over cautious? Surely my body would have told me for sure by now if i was infact pregnant? Its was just over 3 months ago!

If its not pregnancy causing the change to my periods, any ideas what could be the cause? Obviously some of the things I've been feeling could be related to the change in hormones that is causing my menstual cycle to change, but what could be the reason for it changing?

Many thanks for reading,

Thought I should add that I am a young adult (not underage- not that young dont worry!) and still living at home, however my mother and I unfortunately do not have a relationship in which I can confide in her about things so thats why I'm posting on here rather than getting her help, I'm also sorry if I've posted in the wrong place or if mumsnet isnt the place for this kind of post, I just didn'nt know who to ask and thought that there would be many ladies on here knowledgeable enough to share some!

Thanks again!

Bunnychan Sat 06-Apr-13 10:20:19

You could try another test- if it comes up negative, speak to your doctor about your concerns but if it is positive, then you will know. Good luck x

SorryMyLollipop Sat 06-Apr-13 20:35:01

If you last had intercourse around New Year and poas last week and it was negative. I would think it was very unlikely that you could be pregnant.

You could keep p(ing)oas to check if there's any change but it would be best to get checked out by your GP if there are unexplained changes to your cycle any way.

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