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Possibly early menopause and not pregnancy?

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loveclouds Fri 05-Apr-13 21:26:55

I was on here last month as convinced I was pregnant, late period and all the signs. Period came late and was very light and lasted only a few days. This month I was due yesterday, normally I have a brown stringy show for a few days before but not this month. Last night I had a bit of red blood and today nothing except watery brown on tissue when I wipe. I have been feeling a little dizzy plus other signs of pregnancy. Bloated tummy and look pregnant. I bought a boots test and negative so just wondering why my period is acting like this and symptoms. Could it be early menopause. I am 34 and always have heavy periods, but lately they are so light and short. I kind of thought that maybe last month I was pregnant and this month this bit of blood was just because it was around the time I am due. I thought I may have been 8 weeks, I am usually bloated around 8 weeks and get dizzy, funny taste in mouth etc like I am now. But I would def get a positive test at 8 weeks.
Any advice would be appreciated.

loveclouds Sat 06-Apr-13 10:54:40

just read another message on here about the cheap boots giving - result after +first response. anyway else experience this? wish i had both a digital one now.
still no period starting, last night some water brown again on tissue but nothing today.

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