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No care!!

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willoughboobs Thu 04-Apr-13 15:52:09

Hi I'm currently pregnant with dc #3 and I'm nearly 10 weeks, is it normal that I haven't seen a midwife yet as all my friends find it strange. Some of my friends are not as far along and they have had their scan dates and a couple of midwife appointments.
I'm booked in for next week but I think I should have had a bit of care by now.

TeamEdward Thu 04-Apr-13 15:54:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FoofFighter Thu 04-Apr-13 16:29:29

Sounds normal to me for some areas.

Snowflakepie Thu 04-Apr-13 16:45:41

I saw my gp at 6 weeks when I made the first appointment, then had to ring the mw myself to arrange booking. It was about 10 weeks when that happened, then scan was at 12+3. As long as they get you in the right time frame for the nuchal scan, if you want it, there's not a lot else they can do this early anyway, except get you into the system so to speak. As long as you have an appt I wouldn't worry.

worsestershiresauce Thu 04-Apr-13 16:59:51

It's pretty common unfortunately as most maternity care departments are very stretched and often can't book people in sooner. I had my 12 week scan before my booking in appointment, which eventually happened at 16 weeks. My experience has taught me that you need to be proactive when it come to your care, so read up on what appointments and scans you should have and keep ringing up to ensure they happen. This is particularly important if you need consultant led care. Once you are on a consultant's books it is fine, but getting on the list takes time.

fuckwittery Fri 05-Apr-13 06:06:25

Also on dc3 and a week further along than you and also no booking in (not even an appointment date) or scan date. I haven't chased as I don't want the 12 week scan and happy to avoid the pressure to have by a delayed appointment!
A package is stuck at the post office which may be my appointment letter with green notes book as they send them to you here will probably find they gave me only a couple of days notice and I've missed an appt!

LadyMedea Fri 05-Apr-13 07:48:02

I'm a total newbie to ths but so far I've seen my GP who ordered bloods and changed my meds and told me to make my booking appointment for about week 8/9. Just went to reception and dd t myself. No fuss, no muss.

Alexandra6 Fri 05-Apr-13 08:16:53

It's my first time and I've seen my GP and now received a letter for a hospital app and scan at nearly 12 weeks, I thought it was normal to wait that long, is it not then?? I do have a private ultrasound booked for 8 weeks to check for the heart beat for reassurance.

atrcts Fri 05-Apr-13 10:40:24

In my area the first appointment is at 12 weeks. It used to be 8 weeks 3/4 years ago but has either changed (NHS cutbacks?) or varies with each surgery as I had moved 5 miles away so had to register with a different GP.

I was also given a list of expected midwife appointments and towards the end of the prenancy they do seem to be about the same as they were a few years back.

They are as follows:
1. 10-12 weeks - for the midwife home visit and then 12 weeks for the first scan and blood tests

2. 16-18 weeks - midwife to check blood results, MSU etc

3. 20 weeks - anomaly scan

4. 22-24 weeks - midwife for blood test

5. 31 weeks - midwife for routine check and anti-D if needed

6. 34 or 40 weeks - midwife home visit to record birth plan (I never had this one 4 years ago).

7. 38 and 40 weeks - midwife routine check

8. 41 weeks - assessment and sweep and book for induction at term + 14 days if needed.

fuckwittery Fri 05-Apr-13 12:35:22

Well I've been to the post office and the oackage wasn't my notes but a freebie book from a mn giveaway! (Thank you mn)

Looked online and found an antenatal number for the hospital, rung and my appointment was yesterday so I was right, I had missed it! (Never got the letters)

Is different in every area, woman I spoke to said she was only able to rebook as I'd already been booked for an appt, she first off said that I'd have to go back to gp for another referral or fill in a self referral form and send it in. Our hospital covers a large area and is not very close so not feasible to go in to make the appointment. We don't get any home visits in my area (or certainly not with dcs 1 and 2)

So I won't be having booking in appt until 12 weeks, lucky I don't want a 12 week scan!

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