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1st time - 2nd time, how do these things compare?

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NoTeaForMe Thu 04-Apr-13 13:40:51

So I'm pregnant with my second, 34 weeks now, and am wondering about the differences in labour etc.

With my first I went 4 days over, nothing major-is it likely I'll be the same ish (as in not extreme early/over) this time?

The first sign of labour for me was my waters going pop! Looking AF the benefits of at least I'll know I'm in labour it wasn't nice! It was gushing all the time and nothing happened for 12 hours so had to be induced with the drip. I know I wasn't in pain for those 12 hours but feeling wet and leaking gushes of water every time I moved was miserable and I didn't sleep! I'd rather this bit was different! I know you don't get to choose but I wondered if people could tell me how likely it is for my waters to go early in labour again?

Last time I had a winter baby, this time it will be spring into summer not that it looks like that weather wise! but does this change what my baby will need to wear? Will I still need to take a hat into hospital? Etc!

Fakebook Thu 04-Apr-13 14:15:24

I really do believe every pregnancy and birth is different. I was 2 weeks overdue with dd and had to be induced as she was so comfortable inside me. With DS I went into labour on my due date and he was born just a few hours into the next day.

I don't think anyone can tell you if your waters will break quickly again. With me I found that with both births I had a very short second stage and both babies were pushed out in about 10-20 mins. But that's the only similarity.

With the weather, I'd just pack hats and warm clothing. Even 13 years ago when my dn was born in April it was snowing! You really can't trust the weather here!

OrganixAddict Thu 04-Apr-13 14:17:34

My first was a week early, second a week late but labours were pretty much identical (waters went very late in both). So though I think similar experience is most likely, as with all labours, who knows what you'll get!
I'd take hat, they made me put them on my first 2, both of who were born mid heatwave.
Good luck, hope you get the labour you want.

Gimmeechocolate Thu 04-Apr-13 14:29:06


My waters went with a pop first time before anything else started. Second time they didn't go until I was pushing baby out, labour just started with contractions and loss of plug.

My first was 1 day early and my second ten days early. Currently 11 days away from due date with number 3!

You will still need to take a hat and dress the baby in the same number of layers at first but depending on weather you may or may not need snowsuit to come home. We brought our DD2 home in just a cardigan and blanket.

Good luck x

NoTeaForMe Thu 04-Apr-13 21:53:12

It's just as I thought knows and it's likely to be totally different, or coincidentally the same! It's harder not knowing this time...had no childcare to sort out last time for a start!


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