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only kicks seem to be right in the bladder

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photographerlady Thu 04-Apr-13 06:51:10

Anyone else's LO seem to only grace you with movement when it's right to the bladder? Since week 22 I tend to get 4-5 straight bladder kicks a day. TMI but now since they are so strong sometimes there's a bit of wee. At first I thought maybe she just loves kicking me there but now it's such a jolt and just hoping everything's normal.

Isitme1 Thu 04-Apr-13 07:12:07

Im almost in the same boat.
Im 25 weeks and this1 seemed to always just kick in the bladder. Its only recently that I've started getting movement's higher up.

Dolallytats Thu 04-Apr-13 07:29:37

I get this too. I'm 24+4 and the kicks have moved higher up in the last few weeks, but she does still like to play trampoline on my bladder!! I've not had any accidents, but have had a few close's funny how quick a fat pregnant woman can run when she needs to!! I have warned my husband that if baby continues, he may just wake up with a wet bed one morning!!

Isitme1 Thu 04-Apr-13 10:55:37

Sometimes it feels like hes scrapping my bladder and that goes through me!

photographerlady Thu 04-Apr-13 13:53:19

aww I am sad but happy we arent all alone. I am 25 weeks now and its slowly getting higher kicks but man she is must like being feet down smile

BraveLilBear Thu 04-Apr-13 16:25:59

I think having a low anterior placenta has shielded me somewhat, but lately, have been feeling this. Ultra weird, like someone's tickling it from the inside. Then there's the 'stamping/headbutting cervix from the inside' feeling shock

You are definitely not alone!

Snowflakepie Thu 04-Apr-13 16:49:50

So not alone! Breech babies are little buggers for that. The kicks to the cervix at 29 weeks are a joy, really... But then the kicks to the lungs with DD were not much better tbh. And today I'm sure the hiccups started, was hoping to avoid those this time because they keep going in the same place and drive me mad. Still, I did miss them once baby arrived.

Isitme1 Thu 04-Apr-13 17:30:10

Lol. Oh yes. The last scan said he was feet down lol

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