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Baby measuring small at 25+6 weeks

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Sarahdunk Wed 03-Apr-13 17:29:19

Hi I'm 25+6 weeks pregnant, at my 20 week scan they told me I had a low lying placenta (placenta Previa) and also put my due date a week earlier than my dates.
Yesterday I had a bleed so went to the hospital where they checked me over and said the cause of the bleed was prob due to my placenta, during the us scan they measured baby and said he was measuring small.
So I have a growth scan in 2 weeks.
My question is could my baby be measuring small because I'm actually only 24+6 weeks by my dates not 25+6 which they dated?
I do have a customised growth chart, he is on the bottom line.
Two different midwives have measured my fundal height and both got 25cm which is ok. I'm not seeing my midwife for another two weeks so just wondered if anyone is in the same situation or can answer my question

Sunnysummer Thu 04-Apr-13 13:00:28

Can't share any expertise, but can say that I had in a similar experience and it turned out fine! I got sent for a growth scan after measuring 2+ weeks small at the 20 week scan (tactless ultrasound lady said "off the charts small" and convinced me that something was drastically wrong, as I'd been ovulation testing and was fairly sure of the dates), but the growth scan was fine, and now at 36 weeks I'm actually measuring ahead on fundal height.

Of course there are risks, but often it seems comes down to the medical team doing the right thing and and being careful, but maybe not communicating this clearly to the poor worried patient. Hope you also have a good story to tell soon smile

Sarahdunk Wed 10-Apr-13 13:51:54

Hi sunnysummer
Thanks for your reply :-) I've done a lot of research on the net and it seams 9 times out of 10 every thing is fine.
I went for a private 4D scan on sat which I had booked ages ago, I told the scanner lady he had measured small so she measured him again, the measurements were bigger even though it was only 4 days since the last scan so although he is still measuring small for my dates he is growing, she also said some babies are naturally smaller and to her he looked very happy so I'm trying my best not to worry which is difficult.
Glad to hear all is ok with your pregnancy :-)

Barbie1 Wed 10-Apr-13 13:56:01

Both my babies measured small.
In fact at my 38 week scan my first baby measured only 31 weeks. She was born by emcs at 40+1 weighing 5.15 lb and perfectly fine.

Ds was monitored due to previous small baby. Small all the way through. Born by emcs at 38 weeks weighing 6lb.

I just produced small babies smile

The main thing is that their is growth between the growth scans.

Hope you have a trouble free rest of the pregnancy

Sarahdunk Wed 10-Apr-13 19:24:42

Hi Barbi1
That's reassuring to hear :-) this will be my second, my daughter who is 19 now was born at 38 weeks weighing 8lb I had no worries at all with the pregnancy or birth but after miscarrying twice before this pregnancy I can't help but worry although i am happy they are keeping a close eye on me and all these extra scans mean I get extra peeks at my little man :-)

Persuasion Thu 11-Apr-13 12:20:39

I'm in a similar situation, but a bit further on at 28+1, I thought my experience may provide some reassurance. My baby was measuring 2 weeks behind at the 20 week scan. I also had a high HCG on my screening bloods, which apparently can be associated with small babies. She was still 2 weeks behind at a 23 week scan, and I've just had a 28 week scan where she is about a week behind, so she's actually caught up a bit. I suspect I'm just making a small baby, as others have said. It was very worrying, but now I'm just glad they're monitoring it. I guess it's possible dates are wrong, but like you we were TTC, so I'm fairly certain, and they were right at 12 weeks. I hope all is fine (for us both!)

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