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HELP NO periods but no sex either!!

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Georgiesmum Thu 11-May-06 12:03:24

Hi I need some advise, I havent had a period in about 3 months! I was on the pill but then I had to start taking antibiotics for an infection so as I have to take a break from my pills every few minths or so i thought I would do it then. I had some minor spotting that week and since then NOTHING!! I havent gone back on my pills yet as I am waiting for a period.

No the logical reason would be Im pregnant [shoc] but I cant be, dd has been ill and ive been tired alot and to be quite honest until last week dp and I havent had it in about 4 months or more. I dont "feel" pregnant either.

Any advise? Or does anyone have a spare pregnancy test just it case

queenrollo Thu 11-May-06 12:57:05

when i came off the pill to ttc it was 3 months before i had a period. doctor offered no explanation but having found support on another forum with many ladies going through this it's not uncommon.
i'd do a pg test to be SURE and then go to your gp, mine gave me blood test to check hormones etc.

hope you get sorted........

lexiemum Thu 11-May-06 22:09:10

friend in similar boat - came off pill in dec (with view to get preg) but no period until mid march. initially did pg test (£1 in savers) and negative - went into GP's who redid test and took bloods etc to see what was wrong - wasn't anything, just body getting used to change.

life went on, had period then fell pregnant.

girrafey Fri 12-May-06 08:03:35

hey gm. hope your ok,, you ignoring me? havnt had a reply to the email i sent you. hope georgie is recovered from my noisy dd.

my friend came off the pill and dint have a period for 9 months. ( not pg) its all the artifical hormones and pur normal ones tryingto balance them out. x

Georgiesmum Fri 12-May-06 14:22:55

AJ, Can you email me again, I dont have one from you!!

Georhie is fine, your DD wsnt really THAT loud!

Gingeme Thu 18-May-06 20:32:09

Hi Georgiesmum. It took me about 6 months to have a period after coming off the pill the last time. It also depends how long youve been on the pill. I know its easier said than done but try not to stress about it too much cause that realy doesnt help either. I had the depot injection last year too and it took a year for my periods to return and that was with the help of acupuncture. That worked wonders cause I had it last October and fell pregnant in Jan of this year!! Hope that helped a little but as everyone else is telling you its probably your hormones trying to sort themselves out after being controled all this time by artificial ones.

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