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Bump measuring small at 31 weeks

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Petcat Tue 02-Apr-13 15:22:20


I have just got back from my 31 week antenatal appointment (I'm 31+2 today). The midwife measured my bump at 29 weeks (29cm) today. The same midwife measured me 28 weeks at my 28 week appointment, so I have only grown 1cm in the last 3 weeks.

The midwife didn't seem too concerned but I am a bit worried now. I am short so I had a big bump early on, but it just seemed to suddenly slow down around the 24 week mark. I don't feel I have got much bigger since then and I have noticed a lot of people commenting on how 'neat' I look, or expressing surprise when I tell them how far along I am.

At what point is a small-for-dates bump something to be concerned about? I have had a stressful pregnancy and am still working in a busy job, and I am worried my baby isn't growing properly sad

Kt8791 Tue 02-Apr-13 15:35:09

I think if u are measuring 4 cm small they send u for a scan. I measured small with DC2 but had scan and everything was ok. He was born at full term weighing 6lbs 12. Are u still feeling regular movements?

Kafri Tue 02-Apr-13 15:35:56


I had a consultant appointment late on in my pg - can't quite remember how late but it was defo towards the end. She measured my bump and apparently it hadn't grown for a couple of weeks since the mw last measured it. As I was at the hospital, consultant rang up to scan dept to get me scanned to check everything was ok. Sonographer measured and said everything was hunky dory! (It was noce to get another look at bubs though)!
DS arrived in due course and was a healthy 8lb0.5oz.
There is only so much they can tell from measurements and it's not something to panic about immediately. Remember, there's a lot of factors that can affect things.
Try not to worry too much - your hcp aren't in the habit of letting things go by the wayside. If they were concerned they would refer you for investigation.

Try to relax a bit and if you are concerned about your lifestyle (work) affecting baby, is there any way you can lessen the workload and take it a bit easier. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying you working is going to do any harm - just that if it would help you to relax a bit, would you be able to take it a bit easier, if you see what I mean?

Not too long to go now, good luck! xx

Petcat Tue 02-Apr-13 15:46:42

Thank you both. I had a scare with reduced movements last week but everything is fine now; I don't generally feel baby move much, but enough to know things are OK.

I am going on mat leave at the end of the April, so will (hopefully) have a month off to put my feet up and grow my bump a bit. I am sure if it was anything to worry about the midwife would have said, I just feel a bit sad seeing the line drop down the centiles on the symphysis fundus chart.

abbyfromoz Tue 02-Apr-13 15:47:57

OP don't worry. I measured 28cm at 30 weeks...Dd was born 10.5lb... If the mw is not concerned i wouldn't be

seekingpeaceandquiet Tue 02-Apr-13 15:52:51

I've been measuring small since the midwife started measuring at 26 weeks.

Im 35 weeks and the midwife measures at 28cms last week.
I was sent for 3 additional growth scans and each time the sonograher said baby was measuring just an ounce or two smaller than what all the websites recommend the baby should be weighing.

For me the baby is lying very low head down and has done from the start so the midwife cant really measure accurately due to the pubic bone?
So Im off for another scan next week again.

Dont worry so much I know its easy to say but the midwives will send you for scans if they are worried.
Good Luck.

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