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Just found out & going abroad this week

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2Labradors Mon 01-Apr-13 20:43:23


I'm just feeling a bit worried and after some advice really. I'm approx 5 weeks pregnant (i think although February AF was quite light) and we go away to Tenerife this week for 1 week. I'm already feeling really anxious about this pregnancy (#3), my youngest turns 7 whilst we are away so it's been a while since I've been pregnant, it actually feels like the 1st time again, I seem to have forgotten everything lol

I've been feeling lots of strange stretching and period type pains all week, not painful but uncomfortable, and they've been worrying me terribly. I'm telling myself this is because its #3 and my stomach muscles are not as strong. I also have IBS and am suffering with constipation which doesn't help.

We are really looking forward to the holiday but am worried because I've not seen anyone yet, midwife or doctor, and I will be miles from home if something terrible happens although I know there's not much that could be done this early on if the worst happens.

Are there any extra precautions I should take whilst we're away? I'm going to get plenty of water for the flight and obviously bottled water all holiday. I've bought a high factor sunscreen in case my skin is more sensitive. I have packed my folic acid.

I am trying to tell myself that there is no need to worry, we're off work for a full 2 weeks so the chance to relax without the stresses of our jobs is going to be a positive thing for this tiny bean. Can't help but worry though.

bogwoppitinatree Mon 01-Apr-13 21:10:05

It will be wonderful, just relax and enjoy and get loads of rest!

EarnestDullard Mon 01-Apr-13 21:26:30

Congratulations! Pulling/stretching and crampy sensations are common in early pregnancy.

As for the holiday, make sure you don't dehydrate or overheat, but apart from that, as bogwoppit says, relax and enjoy! smile

2Labradors Mon 01-Apr-13 21:33:45

Thank you for your replies. I will drink lots earnest

Hoping I will relax once we're there smile

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