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Hyperemesis Support

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LucindaE Mon 01-Apr-13 18:03:32

We need a new thread.

I hope everyone suffering from the Horrors of Hyperemesis will find this thread useful as a source of support and information.

There's no TMI on here - can't be by definition - and nobody should feel ashamed of moaning as much as they feel the need to.

I used to include extracts from MOH's wonderful website
but I think that makes this link less visible so am merely putting the link. The information on this site is invaluable for sufferers, with information about medications, coping strategies, hospital admissions, useful links, advice for family members, and much more.

I would like to thank MOH MOP Ovaltine bluebirdsunshine (I think she's changed her nickname) Fluffy, Horsey Kalidasa, Nannyl and Everyone who has given such invaluable support and advice on previous threads.

Remember when you are at your worst, 'This Too Shall Pass'. It really will.

LucindaE Sun 16-Jun-13 14:39:52

Slinky Welcome, sorry you are suffering. 'Slinky Malinki' used to be my favourite reading for my (then) LO at one time. I am not surprised you are not suffeirng as much as say, wavesandsmiles, she's the worst case we've had on this thread, sad. Before that I think it was Kalidasa who had that unenviable distinction. It is terribly hard on people who suffer throughout, it's bad enough to feel very ill for just a few weeks. Tallyra is giving non pregnant support at the moment, but I fully expect her to be pregnant soon! I'm a mother hen on this thread , clucking about. I have been on metroclopramide (I can never spell that)for violent puking with migraines, but I never found it any use. I'm glad cyclazine is helping a bit, but don't hesitate to demand additions or alternatives if the sickness comes back too badly. My invariable question: have you got kesostix? Sorry OH no good at symapthy, I don't think men can relate to this at all...
RNJ Goodness, you brave thing, train and tube. I do hope you make it without needing those sickbags. Four stone is a massive weight loss, my goodness.
wavesandsmiles I hope feeling a little better.
Tallyra Hugs as always.
Hope everyone is coping today.

LucindaE Sun 16-Jun-13 14:42:50

Slinky Just seen your message about restless legs - I get it sometimes for no apparent reason - the only thing that seems to help is doing exercises to stretch the back of the legs. Not sure if that's of any use?

Louh12 Sun 16-Jun-13 14:47:36

Hi just joined and was really interested in reading other mums to be experiences with hyperememsis. I'm now 17wks and i have had it twice where by I was admitted to hospital. The 1st time it took me 6 days before i took myself to A&E as i felt my doctor was not helping me. That was at 7wks and i was in hospital again last week with it for the 2nd time. It a very horrible illness that n one seems to understand i know it made me feel very low as i just couldn't understand why it was happening to me. I have lost a total of 2st now from the start of my pregnancy and am getting increasingly annoyed with people telling me to eat more. Hope I'm not the only annoyed person out there lol x

RNJ3007 Sun 16-Jun-13 18:15:38

Thanks slinky

Lucinda, I should be so lucky! They were indeed needed. I then near-fainted at the party! Luckily one of DDs friends came by car and had a spare booster seat, so gave us a lift home.

Louh12 Join is a miserable experience. I too have had inpatient stays and have lost 4 stone at 29w. I keep getting told to eat more, it is SO annoying. It's not like I am choosing to not keep food down! Fortisip drinks being picked up tomorrow. Yuck!

Have managed a couple of crackers with PB on today, and about to try some mashed potato and beans (on the basis it won't hurt to throw back up...). Hubby is also making me a clotted cream ice cream smoothie to sneak in more calories. Bless him!

Hyperhelpmum Sun 16-Jun-13 18:20:58

Hi all and welcome new peeps. Sorry to hear there are more sufferers. I am nearly 18 weeks now and still feeling pretty sick most days but have stopped vomiting thank god. Ive stopped the cyclizine totally as it makes me so groggy and grumpy too. I'm so sorry to hear there are lots of you still being sick and losing weight. It's so depressing. I'm not totally ok as now suffering from increasingly bad pelvic girdle pain. I'm feeling really disheartened as only stopped vomiting a week ago and now I'm in constant discomfort/ pain with pelvis. This pregnancy is a total shocker. Hope some of you managed to enjoy Father's Day a bit. Nausea seems better when I eat little and often so munched and hobbled my was through the day! Take care all and hope some of you feel better as I did but avoid SPD!

Louh12 Sun 16-Jun-13 18:23:03

RNJ3007 I'm glad its not just me that looks at people and thinks 'yeah i choose to be sick and not eat!' People can be so dumb i hate that I'm always hungry and yet unable to hold food down. People just make me feel like a bad mum they always say I'm too small to be 17wks and that my baby is too small etc to the point i sit and cry. I even had a work colleague ask if i had a eating disorder and she is a nurse so should know better! Yuk fortisip is horrible you poor thing x

Hyperhelpmum Sun 16-Jun-13 18:27:57

Ps Slinky I found I needed a combination of cyclizine and ondansetron weeks 5-14 to just keep anything in. I still felt horrifically sick and was bed bound apart from a bath or loo trip every few days but could manage the odd piece of toast (with cheese on weirdly?! Remember that faze Lucinda?! ) hate cheese on toast now and did do before?! I don't think cyclizine stops nausea just vomiting. Do ask for ondansetron if you struggle. It saved me.

wavesandsmiles Sun 16-Jun-13 19:43:55

Fortisip and ondansetron have been my saviours! Can't drink the awful stuff neat, so have been diluting it and making into ice cubes/ lollies and jelly!

I'm very nearly 34 weeks now and have another growth scan on Friday. It's late afternoon so my DCs can come along and get to see their baby brother. It's been a hideous time, but the end is in sight, and I've had no problems other than the HG. (well, DH leaving was a blow but really nothing compared to the illness) (oh, and getting redundant was meh too, but again, pales in comparison)

Fingers crossed I'll not get any worse now, and that I can rest in the last few weeks. Sending tons of positive thinking and really hoping that others in early stages find some respite from this sooner than me

Louh12 Sun 16-Jun-13 19:54:07

Thanks wavesandsmiles I only hope and pray it stops as i am not very good at being ill lol I treat the ill. x

LucindaE Sun 16-Jun-13 21:04:22

Louh Welcome, sorry you feel so vile, everyone on here gets very fed up with chatter about Ginger, Pregnancy Not Being an Illness, You Must Eat etc etc. it is very hard to bear without that nonsense.
RJN Oh dear, poor you, hugs.
wavesandsmiles I think it shows how serious this illness if OH leaving and redundancy are bearable in comparison. Is Fortisip the vitamin drink prescribed by hospitals? Even the name is horrible...
Hyper Really sorry you still feel bad and for the SPD threat. None of this is fair...I remember the cheese on toast thing, I had such a bad experience with cooked cheese (the wardrobe got it as I ran past) I couldn't face any for ages...
Slinky How are you this pm?
Apologies to anyone rudely overlooked.

Louh12 Sun 16-Jun-13 21:09:42

* LucindaE* I just think people see it as being normal morning sickness and unfortunately its not. I would love to have normal morning sickness. the first time i had it my doctor told me to get over it, and gave me medication even after i said i couldn't hold down water. And looking through the posts most women get a similar response. I think that people should experience it before judging us.

SlinkyB Sun 16-Jun-13 21:16:02

Evening all. Thanks for the welcomes. I've had a much better day today.

waves Wow,sounds like you've had a hellish few months, but you sound incredibly strong.

Lucinda - will do the leg stretches; thanks for the tip.
I will look out for Kesostix if I take another turn for the worse.

hyper the GP saw on Thursday phoned the EPU, who said Ondansetron was only given in hospital round here? (At least, I think that's the drug he was talking about). Not been sick since Friday night so fingers crossed.

thanks for anyone really poorly tonight.

SlinkyB Sun 16-Jun-13 21:24:44

Louh can't believe some of the comments you've had - how rude and nasty can some people be?! As I see on here a lot ignore ignore ignore Don't let them get you down.

My MIL is very "stiff upper lip, just get on with it, we never had any of this in our day" normally, but she's finally coming round. I think the stint in hospital on a daily drip helped her (and dh) see how serious it can be.

I've barely left the house in ten days, and have only lost 7lbs (size 14) so don't think anyone would notice or comment. MIL says I look ill, though I think she'strying to be sympathetic bless her (it doesn't come naturally to her) as I lost my dear Mum in Feb

Louh12 Sun 16-Jun-13 21:31:31

SlinkyB i have been surprised lol my Gp made me feel i was being silly so spent 6days bed bound with no intervention. when i arrived at A&E i had 8+++ ketones and the Drs were shocked. However the nurse caring for me told me i was pregnant and not ill. I then proceeded to tell her i was also a nurse and looking at my end of bed note and the information given by my consultant would suggest i was. we never saw eye to eye from them. Oh dont get me started on Mil lol she is a funny one i think they all are tbh.

SlinkyB Sun 16-Jun-13 21:40:13

8+++ ketones?! Shit! Mine was 'only' 4++ (I think?) And Ifelt bad enough then, you must have felt awful sad
How long were you in hospital for?

How are you managing with fluids now? I'm still sipping away, dh keeps nagging at me but I just don't like eating or drinking atm, just doing it because I have to.

Oh, didn't mean to sound horrible about MIL; she's amazing really! She's been looking after toddler ds, took me to the Dr's on Thursday, and on Friday changed our bedding and cleaned our bathrooms!

Louh12 Sun 16-Jun-13 21:47:11

Yes i felt like rubbish i honestly was a state my husband had to help me shower to go to hospital as i had no energy to stand up. I spent 8days on constant drip before i was able to come home.

I try really hard to get fluids in and I'm not doing too bad. as for eating its difficult for me but i nibble away. I know know when i will be sick and normally it after a shift like last night i got to the car park and was sick.

Oh my Mil isn't close by and is not really a supportive person even though I'm here alone and yet she still can't be bothered to pick up the phone to check on me. It's not her fault she just is not that interested in other people and never has been

Hyperhelpmum Mon 17-Jun-13 07:33:28

slinky so sorry to hear about losing your mum. Very tough to now be so ill and suffering. Yes, I was prescribed ondansetron on one of my admissions and struggled to get repeat script out of GP. Ended up chasing consultants secretary to fax it as literally could not leave house and hospital a good 30 mins away. lou you sound very courageous working still - are you 17 weeks? I'm 18 weeks tomorrow and been back at work 2 weeks. Not too bad as I do 2 days only but I suffer in the evenings.

SlinkyB Mon 17-Jun-13 08:22:34

Oh, I long to be out of the scary first trimester, though I now realise that you can still be ill long after that.

I had ms with ds three years ago, but it went around 17wks, fingers crossed.

I'm so glad the Dr signed me off work for a fortnight last Thursday, I only do three days a week but I'm up at 6.30am and not home til 6pm some nights so it's a long day. My colleagues are really not sympathetic either (have read back and seen some of the shocking treatment from some people's work and colleagues). Am dreading going back already as know they'll be annoyed at me taking time off. Doesn't help I was off for two weeks on holiday prior, so they'll have been withouta Receptionist/admin for a month.

Hope today is a better one for all.

LucindaE Mon 17-Jun-13 11:24:55

Louh Like others I am shockshock about 8+++ketones - never encountered such a high reading on this thread - I think 5+++ is as high as we've gone before, was that Kalidasa or wavesandsmiles? Poor you, what did the dr's surgery mean by letting you get into such a state?
Sorry about car park puking - awful - again like others I'm amazed you are still working, even part time.
Slinky Hugs about mother, that is very hard, and I'm glad MIL is being useful, even if she's not good at symapathising - don't let them pressurise you into going back to work - it's hard anyway when it's acute
but I remember doing temporary job on reception with a woman I now realise had at least borderline Hyperemesis - when I was away from the desk she had to puke into the bin, hoping nobody would come in...And all that talking and smiling...
Hyper I hope you are surviving at work OK? The fatigue must be making things worse in the evenings.
wavesandsmilesGood luck with scan on Friday.
Sorry to anyone rudely ignored. Back soon.

Louh12 Mon 17-Jun-13 11:39:31

Hyper I only work two days a week now the shifts are long but i just find myself tired and sick the 2nd i leave work, but it keeps me sane with my husband being deployed. Other wise i would sit here and get sad. Yes 17+2.

LucindaE I tbh had never heard of this before coming down with it myself and knew of ketones but not too much about the effects. i guess if i had no intake for 6days that prob effected it. but then im not sure how long others have suffered before seeking help. I know when i went in for the 2nd time i went in the day the sickness was bad and i was 4++. so it must depend how soon you get treated. I'm not sure why the Dr didnt listen to me but when i was out of hospital i went in and made a complaint. Now when i have been since i get the owner of the surgery and he is always very good. as for carpark puking lol im sure we all find ourselves being sick in strange places it cant be helped x

wavesandsmiles Mon 17-Jun-13 13:50:38

Bad day here for me, after a not too bad day yesterday (relatively speaking). Wondering how they tested your ketones Lou as my ketostix and the ones they use at hospital only measure up to 4 ++++. Sometimes it has taken days to come down from there, so maybe there is a more sensitive test that is used in some places?

I just want to go back to bed sad

Louh12 Mon 17-Jun-13 14:17:25

waves I'm just going on what the doctor told me when she came to see me i don't know if they have different sticks to test them or if it was sent to the lab and tested. I honestly could not tell you

wavesandsmiles Mon 17-Jun-13 14:48:06

No worries, just wondered if I could get my hands on more sensitive tests. Hopefully I won't be needing it much longer anyway!

slinky glad that you are getting some help from MIL. It must be hard for you dealing with the loss of your own mum at a time like this. I lost my dad very suddenly 2 years ago, and still ache with loss. He wore a special jumper to meet my 2 DCs when they were newly born, and mum gave it to me when he died. I have it in my hospital bag ready to wrap my new baby up in when he is born, so that I feel in some way he is with us, and a part of the welcome into the world.

The only things I don't have packed yet in my bag are snacks and drinks which apparently are essentials in labour, but the way I'm going it will remain the last thing on my mind! Oh, I am taking my own pillow too as hospital ones are so awful. I have been in 7 times this pregnancy, for 3 or 4 nights at a time, and got virtually no sleep any of those times, as the pillows were so uncomfortable.

Right, time for another lie down I think. Being upright is not helping today

SlinkyB Mon 17-Jun-13 15:17:52

waves your story about your Dad and his special jumper just made me cry! What a lovely sentiment and way to remember and involve him this time around. My Mum was present at DS's birth (just - had an emcs) and I'm so glad I involved her as much as I did now. She came to the scans too, so they'll no doubt bring back memories. I will have to think of a way for her to 'be there' again this time smile

Sorry you're having such a rotten day, you are doing amazingly well, hope you get some sleep/rest <hugs>

wavesandsmiles Mon 17-Jun-13 16:26:06

Sorry for making you cry slinky - I keep getting quite teary about my dad at the moment, but feel happy that I have found a special way to involve him. Hope you find something special too smile

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