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Lj8893 Mon 01-Apr-13 12:49:46

Hi all, i am around 10 weeks pregnant and am currently waiting for my letter to confirm my scan day.

When I was around 5-6 weeks pregnant I had some light spotting and lasted 5 days (only in evenings)

Just over a week ago I had some browny bleeding which only lasted about an hour.

Today I have started bleeding, I wouldn't say its very heavy but its signficantly heavier than before!! It's a pinky/red colour and very watery.

I'm not in any pain and I know that to get a scan any quicker I would need a referral from my gp which can take up to a week and I can't get the ball rolling till tomorrow obviously.

Anyone got any advice/experience/reassurance?!

glossyflower Mon 01-Apr-13 13:19:47

You could always ring your local maternity unit and explain you haven't been booked yet but have had these symptoms. They might want to see you on the early pregnancy unit.
I think it's best you get checked out but I thought unless the bleeding was really heavy with pain that worsens over time it should be ok.
That's only what I was told when I was in early pregnancy but get yourself seen as you never know.

glossyflower Mon 01-Apr-13 13:21:03

Or you could go to your local A&E they might be able to do an early scan for you.

Pancakeflipper Mon 01-Apr-13 13:26:37

I would try to get an early scan. Probably not today unless an emergency in the NHS being a Bank Hol but you should be able to be seen tomorrow.

I bled (bright red sanitary towel required) during my 2 pregnancies. The second pregnancy I bled from 7 weeks until about 26 or 28 weeks. It's more common than you think but you still need to be checked out.
Lots of luck.

Roshbegosh Mon 01-Apr-13 13:42:39

A scan in A&E won't be performed by anyone properly qualified so you will have to be scanned tomorrow to check / confirm an A&E scan anyway. Going to A&E now though would speed up your referral to the EPAU so it might be worth it, rather than waiting for GP appt.

PeachTown Mon 01-Apr-13 13:55:14

I had a massive, soaking through my clothes onto the floor type of bleed at 15 weeks and went to A&E where they examined me and then sent me up to the gynae ward at 1am for a scan.

Everything was ok, DS is currently BFing on my lap and is a very strong and healthy 10 week old.

Bleeding is common but worrying. Ring the maternity ward for advice.

EcoHippyMum Mon 01-Apr-13 14:16:43

If you have to wait for a scan like I did (5 days) with what they told me was a probable miscarriage due to my age (39) and you don't want to and can afford a private scan it may be worth paying out. I had a private scan at 5+5 because of brown discharge, then again at 7 weeks as two days after the first I started bleeding. They said at the scan it was all fine but there are no guarantees since then I had another much lighter bleed, called midwife and she wasn't concerned at all. Said to go to a&E if I get large clts, lots of pain and heavy bleeding. I had the bled on Wednesday night, called Thursday and since then nothing. Sore boobs, feeling sick, tired oh and faint! But if you are at all worried call the midwives smile hope all is okay xx

Lj8893 Mon 01-Apr-13 14:44:29

I went to a&e when I had spotting at 6 weeks, they were useless and told me there was nothing I could do. When I bled a week ago I rang the maternity unit and they said I couldn't do anything without a referral from my doctor so I know there is no point ringing them again.

The bleeding has started to ease a little now, its just like a light period. No clots or pain.
I think if I'm still concerned tomorrow I shall ring my doctors or go into a&e.

Thankyou for all your responses!

OneLittleToddleTerror Mon 01-Apr-13 14:49:03

I went to A&E and they did a urine test for me. A massive waste of 4+ hours. I could have poas on an Internet cheapie at home. I think ringing your GP and getting a referral from there is the way to go.

Dildals Mon 01-Apr-13 15:03:34

Check if your local hospital has an early pregnancy unit, you can self refer, you don't need your GP. St Thomas has one, King's has one and I am sure many others.

I had the same as you at 10 weeks, it turned out to be a bruise of the uterus (subchorionic bleed) and is harmless, but it takes a load of worry away if you can have it checked out.

Lj8893 Mon 01-Apr-13 16:24:12

They do but I was told before that I needed to be referred by my gp (who is pretty useless!). If I am bleeding tomorrow morning I shall contact my gp and ask for a referral. Thanks.

Dildals Tue 02-Apr-13 08:52:55

St Thomas and King's definitely don't require a referral, it is walk in. BEST service on the NHS IMO.

Lj8893 Tue 02-Apr-13 09:09:17

Bleeding stopped yesterday evening and I had a phone call today saying I am having my scan tomorrow! Thanks all.

Dildals Tue 02-Apr-13 15:51:24

Good luck! Chances are it will be fine! x

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