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Maternity Exemption Cert

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swaye Mon 01-Apr-13 08:50:51

Can anyone tell me how long this takes to arrive? Ive been waiting 3 weeks now.

Flisspaps Mon 01-Apr-13 08:59:59

A couple of weeks I think. Did you post the form off or leave it with the MW/GP for posting? If you left it, I'd call tomorrow and check it's not in a tray somewhere still.

Twinklestarstwinklestars Mon 01-Apr-13 09:18:16

Mine was only about a week and my gp sent it off. They were fast when I sent my pre payment certificate back too only about a week til they issued my refund. I'd give them a ring and check.

HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm Mon 01-Apr-13 09:19:39

Mine arrived within the week. This nhs site says it should take 10 days once received. You can get a receipt and reclaim though.

swaye Wed 03-Apr-13 20:15:53

Thx ladies. I phoned them and it appears it got lost in post so have sent another.

PhieEl06 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:33:08

Mine took 10 weeks, yes weeks! It was ridiculous however I think this is because my doctors surgery is completely useless!

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